Oath of the Restless

Mysterious Ring Crafted by the Ruby Sorceress


The Oath of the Restless will provide a spellcaster boon to the wearer (who can also be a former spellcaster). Spellcasters will add half of their spellcasting level on top of their current level to determine Caster Level, Spell Slots and spells known (10th Level Wizard considered 15th for all such purposes other than Base Attack, Saves, Skills, and Class Features). Should the wearer have more than one spellcasting class, they decide which one to give the boon to upon completion of the ceremony and cannot change it from that point on.

To former spellcasters (such as those who took a level of spellcasting but lost it due to level loss), Oath of the Restless provides the wearer with a spellcaster level equal to a nonspellcasting affilliated class (Barbarian, Fighter, Monk, and Rouge). Should the wearer multiclass with more than one nonspellcasting class, The lower class counts towards the boon (4th Lvl Barbarian and 3rd Lvl Rouge would have spellcasting of 3rd Lvl). In the special case of a wearer who multiclasses with a nonspellcasting class and a spellcasting as well, only the higher boon will count. They do not stack, though spellcasting will improve as normal (8th Lvl Fighter and 2nd Lvl Wizard as a 10th Lvl caster, while 8th and 8th would be a 12th Lvl caster).

Oath of the Restless must be worn at all times, or the spellcasting boon to the wearer will cease. Should the wearer take off the ring of their own volition or become Lawful, the rubies will turn back into blood, and the ring with be nothing more than a platinum ring with empty gem sockets.


A rare ring which has rarely seen its presence on the Material Plane (see below), the Oath of the Restless is a minor artifact crafted in a ceremony dedicated to Wee Jas. In order for the ceremony to occur, a powerful Wee Jas Cleric of at least 14th Lvl with knowledge of the ceremony must preside, and the recipient of the ring must be a spellcaster (or one with prior spellcasting) of non-lawful alignment who dedicates himself to discovery of greater magic. At the height of the ceremony, the Cleric will slice the hand of the recipient with the ring upon it, and the blood will form the rubies ringed around the platinum ring, formed into being by the Goddess herself.

Henceforth, Wee Jas will impart a part of her power to improve the studies of the wearer, which will be severed should the wearer remove the ring of their own volition or succumb to Law. It’s due to this strict adherence to Wee Jas and the few who are willing to take on such a ritual that the ring has seen only a small footnote in the history of the world. Many powerful spellcasters are said to have risen due to Oath of the Restless, though if this is true is unknown, for they disappear just as quickly as they are noted, and there is no ring left behind to prove the connection.

Current wielder of such a ring is Jaynus, who forsook his Wizardly studies after losing his power after returning from undeath (via Wish from Belladonna). On his way back through Restful Valley he ran into Fillian Malls, who provided him with his spellbook previously. Fillian told him of the ceremony, and Jaynus excepted.

Oath of the Restless

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