Xavier Marcellus

The Arcane and Divine Hand of Kord


Cleric, Sorcerer
Male Human


Leadership score of 15 (13 lvls + 2 Cha)
Cohort: Roondar Spooney Smith



  • Silalia, female elf Adept (Scribe)


  • Osborn, male halfling Warrior (Archer)
  • Boddynock, male gnome Warrior (Duel Weapons)


  • Fatima, female half-elf Warrior (Sword Master)
  • Matilda, female halfling Warrior (Weaponsmith)
  • Helgi, male human Warrior (Weaponsmith)
  • Ielequiqui, female half-elf Warrior (Guard)
  • Skamkel, male half-elf Warrior (Weapons Trainer)
  • Glim, male gnome Warrior (Pikemen)
  • Alton, male halfling Warrior (Pikemen)
  • Ielequaphia, female elf Warrior (Light Arms)
  • Hevian, male elf Warrior (Platoon Leader)
  • Seebo, male gnome Warrior (Axe Thrower)
  • Lilly, female halfling Warrior (Axe Thrower)
  • Tabitha, female half-elf Warrior (Boxer)
  • Brynhild, female human Warrior (Armorsmith)
  • Fonkin, male gnome Warrior (Guard)
  • Laucilust, male half-elf Warrior (Heavy Arms)
  • Ekaterina, female human Warrior (Cavalry)
  • Belle, female halfling Warrior (Cavalry)
  • Gladiola, female halfling Warrior (Crusader)
  • Thamion, male half-elf Warrior (Crusader)
  • Sheherazad, male human Warrior (Crusader)
  • Cade, male halfling Warrior (Crusader)

Xavier was born on the outskirts of Corneria. When old enough, his parents put him in a sorcery camp where he learned to tap into the magic within his blood. Having graduated at the top of his class, Xavier’s mentor let him leave the camp to seek his full potential, knowing full well Xavier was more than capable handling himself. So began Xavier’s journey to become a well known sorcerer.

After a little travel, Xavier realized being a sorcerer wasn’t enough. Divine power would be necessary for his goals as well. Therefore, Xavier sought out the church of Kord where he studied and committed his heart, becoming not only a wielder of the arcane, but the divine.

Xavier Marcellus

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