Halfing who lost everything to Farmonia





Macronian (also known as Midget Mac) was born in Wildflowers. When it fell to a band of orcs and humans from Farmonia, he began to wander the land for a purpose.

Darconian, his brother, was slain in the attack, but he returned as a ghost to protect him (has since left after he found his people).

Marria, Mac’s to be wife, was kidnapped along with many other halflings and taken to Slave Lake and Rosefield. She managed to survive during all of this until she was sent to Liberty under the effect of some sort of collar (similar in design to the ones of Randall Thay). Out of the collar and reunited with her future husband.

He has had dealings with Belladonna, who has asked him to do tasks for her, of which he tried to complete for her, but failed.

Olidammara has also taken interest in Mac at certain points, the reasons for this unknown.

Formerly one of the undead from a poorly worded Wish, Mac is currently in Corneria with what remains of his people. Has since returned to the living after a Resurrection from Randall Thay, paid for from gold when he sold Bloodletter to Trunks.


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