How U Mine 4 Fish?

Rushing towards Loard Holdstein’s mansion, the party ran through a horde of slain lycanthropes, seemingly slain by a single man Silas/Calintz and Macronian recognized as Oogust Wolfsbane the Lycanthrope Hunter of Saint Cuthbert. Not wasting any time to understand how he came to be there, they joined forces and rushed to the mansion, just when Loard’s voice cut out in the midst of a telepathic communication, notifying them that he was either unconscious or dead.

They were first set upon by werewolves in their animal form, but were soon assaulted upon by a werewolf sorcerer upon a magical flying mount similar to Dimble’s. It summoned forth black tentacles from the ground which bound Marria and Alton Tealeaf where they stood, keeping them from the brunt of the fight. Rushing through the gate after Rando slew the sorcerer after a fireball cast from Dimble’s staff of fire, Zaden Holdstein was the first to see Jacy Phelan, the Werewolf Lord of Moon River, standing over the downed body of Loard with a longsword in the shape of a lightening bolt. While Jacy was in his Dire Wolf Hybrid form, his large size was enlarges further, possibly from the magic of yet another sorcerer with him in the courtyard.

Wasting no time, Walitz cast cone of cold upon Jacy, not knowing the downed body of Loard was behind him, dashing any chance of stabilizing Loard if he happened to still be alive. Noting the danger the elf wizard presented, Jacy ordered the werewolf sorcerer to target Walitz, who lost some of his powerful magic when an enervation ray struck him from a wand held by the sorcerer. The rest of the party began to shuffle in, trying to bring on the wrath of Jacy as they did so. Hoping to get around him and draw attacks away from the party, Ryuu Pendragon spurred his mount around Jacy, only to have his head severed clean by a single stroke from the lightning bolt shaped longsword. Belfor also made a feeble attempt to harm the Werewolf Lord by throwing his weapon, and his head too was cleaved by Jacy when Belfor went to retrieve the dropped weapon.

With a follow up of a cone of cold from the werewolf sorcerer, the party rushed to end the fight, realizing the danger they were in. Rando swooped over Jacy towards the werewolf sorcerer, hoping to pin him down, while Walitz gave himself enough distance to risk another cone of cold, effecting a few allies in the process. Worth the risk, Jacy was frozen solid, and Rando promptly broke off the frozen arm holding the longsword and taking it in his own hand. Coming upon the body of Loard Holdstein, it was clear he was slain from the first cone of cold cast from Walitz, and panic soon spread through the whole of Liberty, for their leader and war strategist was no longer with them.

While collecting themselves for proper action, Silas noted the heward handy haversack of Ryuu’s tussling about as if something was trying to get free, and realized the head of Ral’ Shavok had regrown enough of himself to eventually break free. Realizing they still had to contend with the magical ward upon his person in order to do proper damage to his person, they instead damaged the sack, which unraveled the magic of the transdimensional space, emptying everything inside of it into the Astral Plane.

With the losses they had already taken along with the death of Loard Holdstien, the soldiers of Liberty couldn’t contain the breaches made to the city walls, and the city was about to fall. While Marria and Walitz cast wall of force and wind wall (respectively) to ward off attacks so some breaches could be sealed, Silas was confronted by a wizened looking man with black teeth, who had the voice of the demon which drew him and Jaynus to Liberty. It claimed his mistress Belladonna could bring back Ryuu, as long as they gave proper sacrifice and only if Ryuu wished to return.

Knowing that Ryuu’s presence could turn the battle in their favor, the lightning bolt shaped longsword was offered, which Belladonna accepted with glee, claiming it to be the sword of Isgarik. Reminding them that Ryuu could refuse her call to return to the Material Plane, Silas prayed to Ehlonna for her intervention, and thus it was by this Ryuu’s spirit was informed of what was going to happen. The powers repulsed at such an action being taken, but realized his presence in the world was needed, and left the choice to Ryuu, who took it. With Ryuu back upon his mount, Belladonna and her minion left with the sword of Isgarik.

Oogust Wolfsbane in the meantime overheard talk of the teleportation circle which lead back to Thermopoly, for worry was brought forth that Farmonia would use it if the city was lost and invade Corneria. Knowing they needed allies, Oogust Wolfsbane rushed through the teleportation circle and arrived at the hospital camp dedicated to the warriors of Kord, who freaked upon seeing a high ranking cleric of Saint Cuthbert arriving through the circle. When Oogust Wolfsbane explained to them they needed reinforcements within Liberty to stop the siege, those in Thermopoly realized they didn’t have the necessary troops and called for aid to Corneria itself, revealing the secret they sought to keep from them since its creation.

Even after all this, the city was doomed to fall, which Silas saw all too clear. Screaming out for Belladonna, he swore to follow through upon her plans for him so long as she could save Liberty. Appearing before him once more, Belladonna claimed she would set upon the Farmonian army legions of fiends should Silas truly desire to return to her. Confirming his choice, Belladonna bade him to go into the arms of her minion, who would take him away from the city while she called forth the horde. Realizing what Silas was doing, Mac tried to stop him, but all he could do was grab the ring of the phoenix thrown at him by Silas before he disappeared. Laughing with glee, Belladonna summoned forth hundreds of demons into the Farmonian army, which assisted the armies of Liberty, Thermopoly and Corneria.

In the thick of all this chaos, Zaden took with him a collection of his finest troops to challenge the Hand of Hextor himself, who now joined into the battle after the appearance of the demons. They traded blows for several minutes, with Zaden striking the last, the Hand’s blood dripping over the skull mask which covered his face. Claiming he had finally grown up to be a worthy challenge and that this wasn’t over, the Hand of Hextor stomped one of his feet to the ground, and seemingly teleported away.

With the general of Farmonia’s army gone, the demonic horde aiding Liberty and the appearance of The Phoenix as well, the walls of the city were secure once more, and the battle fought on…until a flying army of dragons appeared from the sky, disrupting all combatants and driving off The Phoenix. Soon after, an immense floating continent floated over the city, blocking out the sun.


The thousands of dragon riders ended the battle almost immediate, and they made quick work of the remaining hostility until a cease fire for parly was called. Representatives of all sides came forth, including the general of the army of dragon riders, Felix. Claiming to be of the kingdom Slingham, he demanded the immediate ending of all conflict and the surrender of the country. Much argument was had over this demand, but one item was undisputed: Liberty was to remain untouched, for it was indeed deemed a free city from Farmonia itself, and there would be no more fighting for it while the floating continent loomed above.



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