How U Mine 4 Fish?

Almost two weeks before the fall of Dravo Madaras VII, a call was put out by Loard Holdstein (with assistance from Macronian and his companions) to gather together allies and warriors to help defend Liberty for what would most likely be the last time. Farmonia had discovered the city was recieving proper trade, warrior training, and magic. While it appeared they did not know exactly how Liberty was doing this, Farmonia realized the threat it caused to their nation and planned to sack it completely, coming to the conclusion they no longer needed the training grounds as it stood: they were more than ready to make war with Corneria.

Before long, all necessary people of the plan were gathering in Loard’s war room. Besides Macronian, Marria and Alton Tealeaf, there was Dimble Gerrick One Shoe, Jaynus, Silas, Zaden Holdstein, Eddie Banker, Belfor, Ryuu Pendragon, Walitz, Orthos, Garbaage, Khan (replacement of Jensen Hall who was promoted by the necromancers of Rosefield), and Trunks. After introductions, they jumped straight into plans, first being Orthos desiring to run into the horde of Farmonian soldiers with his own men via the underground tunnels (filled with traps, mazes and other means only they knew about so that Farmonia couldn’t come through on their own).

Doing this would not only fuel Orthos need for battle, but keep the larger bulk of Farmonia’s soldiers away from the city walls long enough so they would be defensible. Loard, Khan and the party eventually convinced the Thermopoly barbarians to stay inside and use the forces they have to hold the already strong walls, all the more stronger with Orthos to back it up with Zaden. When it was brought forth what would happen should the walls be breached, Loard and the rest were silently uncertainon the matter, feeling they finally had the strength to repel anything Farmonia could possibly throw in their direction. With the party pushing the matter, they quickly drew up plans to counter such an event, given that such events happened twice in the past two sieges.

Next came the decision on what to do with their limited number of magic users, namely their clerics. Orthos and his company believed the clerics should be assigned to units to heal the troops as needed amidst the battle, allowing for the warriors to continue to fight on in the heat of battle. While Loard was uncertain about this, Khan was adamant about keeping his limited clerical staff centered around his surgical tent, calling Orthos’ idea stupid. However, the party was keen upon the idea of having clerics upon the battlefield to heal wounded. When it came time to finally make a decision, Jaynus eventually spoke his mind by saying the clerics would be facing the same hazards as the rest of the troops. With what limited clerics they had, it would be quite the risk. All the same, the party voted in favor of having the clerics be stations with units throughout the city.

Last item spoken on came in the form of a Telepathic Bond scroll presented by Loard. Saying he had a few of these, he was going to cast it and place a bond between himself and three others so that there could be unfettered communication between all points of the battlefield. Deciding upon Orthos, Silas and Khan, Loard concluded the meeting and bid everyone to come to the wedding of Mac and Marria, presided by Alton (being the highest cleric of Yondalla known by all). Before leaving, Silas asked them all if they would be interested in joining the Order of the Phoenix. Mac then atoned for his sins before Yondalla when Alton called upon her, eventually consumating his marriage to Marria later that night after the feast.

In the morning, the Hand of Hextor called for a parley, where all in the party besides Walitz and Jaynus went to. Upon only his horse, The Hand of Hextor demanded a surrender, or they would likely be slaughtered by not only the same army which would invade Corneria, but orcs reinforcements from Elf Spit along with an army of lycanthropes bred in the secret city of Moon River. Obviously, they themselves couldn’t convince the entire city to surrender, and there would still be senseless bloodshed. However, if they returned to the city and killed Loard Holdstein, the city would destabilize, and the entire resistance would fall. The party refused, and The Hand bid them farwell.

Upon returning within the walls of Liberty, the army of Farmonia charged the city, their gates well protected (one of which reinforced by a spike growth from Silas), while other portions of the wall were maintained from physical assault from siege weapons,

All seemed to be going well, until the Red Dragon of Blackheart arrived, setting fire to the buildings within and panicking over half the militia in city. Via the telepathic bond, the party was told to tend to the dragon before she destabilized the entire army and burnt everything to cinders. Catching the dragons attention with an ice arrow from Silas, the red dragon came upon them near the center of the city, immediately breathing flames upon them. Noting the dragons resistance to the cold, Marria and Walitz immediately went about casting cone of cold and polar ray respectively, the latter taking out one of the red dragons eye and negating the rest of her protection from cold. Ryuu rode in swiftly, which the dragon to great interest in due to Ryuu’s apparent Gold Dragon nature, and went about mauling him with his attacks. Marria cast another cone of cold, catching Jaynus in the blast (making sure it was okay with him first), after which the dragon went invisible, taking to the skies once more.

Realizing the dragon needed to be found, Silas used his extraordinary blindsense ability to sense where the dragon could be, pointing Walitz in the right direction to cast glitterdust. Their assault couldn’t bring him down in time, however, because another cone of fire was brought down upon them, killing Eddie Banker in the process. Zaden was finally able to catch up to the beast, dealing critical damage enough for Ryuu to finish him off, and the dragon died with a curse to Ryuu and his kin. With the battle over, the fires still blazed, but Silas was able to quickly gather support and snuff them out before too much damage was done.

The were let known a small breach (that had since been closed) was made to a portion of the wall, and they needed assistance in blocking the soldiers that managed to come through. On the way there, they run into a Zelekut seeking Jaynus. Claiming to be version 2 of the Zelekut they destroyed earlier, It said it broke through the defenses in the Church of Kord in Thermopoly to teleport to Liberty, and would take Jaynus with it to face the punishment of the Law. Despite the fact they were in the middle of a war zone and Jaynus was playing an important part in the support of the defense, the Zelekut was adamant. Without any assistance from the rest of his party and realizing fighting against the Zelekut would likely delay them from defending the point properly (and another more powerful Zlekut would likely come along), Jaynus agreed to come with the Zelekut back through the other Teleportation Cirlce. With Jaynus and the Inevitable running off into the smokey haze that was building, the party continued on its way towards their defensive position.



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