How U Mine 4 Fish?

Day 3 of Mount Gamemnon

And thus, the Fire erupts

On the morning the full moon’s third day, the party prepared for attack deep within Mount Gamemnon. The Azers had spent the night working and building walls and traps to slow down the Fire Giants, while Luvais Ziegler prepared a Symbol of Pain to weaken the Giants, and a Symbol of Sleep to hopefully put them asleep. Stationed with the Azers, the Giants broke an opening through the wall, where Hell Hounds could jump through, which immediately set off the Symbol of Sleep, putting all but two of the twelve asleep. Three Giants came through, unaffected by the Symbol of Sleep, requiring the party focus on pure violence against them.

A few Azers were slain in the assault, including the wolf Animal Companion of Silas, Rufus. realizing more Giants were waiting coming, the party decided to bring the fight to them while the Azers rebuilt defenses, leaving an opening should they need retreat. The sight which struck their eyes was one of a vicious combination of traps sprung and violence, as corpses of Hell Hounds and Fire Giants lay around them being devoured by swarms of rats/spiders and Dretchs (which disappeared one by one, having been summoned by someone’s magic). In the silence, 4 invisible presences were heard, which were challenged.

Tired of the games, Luvais Ziegler cast Invisibility Purge, forcing into appearance Jumanji (the non-Giant leader of the Fire Giants) with two Fire Giants, and Rahu, the caster whom had been slowing the advance of the giants (and who seemed to know The Striker). Seeking the Heart of the Mountain, Jumanji offered reward to them of unknown means should they leave the mountain, which they refused, striking down the last two Giants, along with Jumanji, who was slain by a Finger of Death scroll by Silas.

Gathering the jewels of Jumanji and rewards a 10k gem from the Azer for their efforts, the party decided to search deeper into the mountain where Jumanji sought the Heart, and where the Azer said they came through a Gate from the Fire Plane. After passing through the dangerous heat and a river of lava (with magical assistance from Rahu because they could not fight the heat anymore), the party came upon a strange snake/human creature, which looked like it had been human before, but as it it had been stretched and fashioned into its current form. It immediately attacked them, along with three similar creatures out of pools of lava, which appeared to by of the same flesh as it.

The party stood their ground and fought, while Silas again used two more Finger of Death scrolls, slaying the creature on the second attempt, which exploded in a bout of flame, revealing its heart to be an orb. While searching for treasure around the room, Zacharaia picked up the Orb, immediately becoming attuned to its power. The entrance of where the Azers came through were deeper into the mountain still, which the party had Zacharaia explore alone as they went back up to higher ground.

Below, the lava source was revealed, and sitting in the middle of it was a giant orb of light, an anomaly of magic from which a voice called out for help while the mountain began to shake. Uncertain of what to do, the Zacharaia caught up with the rest of the party, bringing them with him. More frantic cries for help escaped from the anomaly, while Silas got a vision of a flaming bird within his head, knowing that he must do something.

Instead of one of them going into the lava to examine the anomaly closer, they sent in the Azer guiding them through the lower mountain. The anomaly exploded in a giant mass of intense flame, incinerating the Azer (who is supposed to be immune to all flame, having swam through the lava unscathed), and the lava began to flow up the mountain. The party ran straight out the mountain, warning the Azers as they left, who gathered as much of their gold and jewels as they could away from the destructive lava.

Finally escaping from the volcano, lava flowed out of the mountain and towards them as another gargantuan red bird swooped down towards them. However, this one had Iam Noone upon his back, who said he had enchanted the bird with the help of Zev (after getting captured himself, of course). Climbing atop the bird, they flew far way as they could before the top of Mount Gamemnon got blown off by the exit of the Phoenix, which flew off in the direction of Lake Crescent.



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