Order of the Phoenix

A mostly unknown coalition of secretive fighters and political anarchists, the Order of the Phoenix is considered the catalyst which spurred the war between Corneria and Farmonia. Its name has since risen with the reappearance of The Phoenix, making many historians uneasy.

Joining and Requirements


  • Alignment: Any non-Lawful








The Order of the Phoenix begun as a rebellious political group against the coming of Law to the region of pre-Farmonia. The way they saw it, the land and its people were fine on their own, and didn’t need Law to rule over them to make their lives safe and happy. When Law continued to persist, they used guerrilla tactics to fight back against the efforts of Law. At the same time, a Phoenix began to fly over the skies of the land, and the Order got their name, believing the Phoenix to be a sign for them to fight on.

Law was persistent, however, and because of its more ordered structure, managed to suppress the Order of the Phoenix rather quickly. This required the Order to fight on another front with espionage, which infiltrated the forces of Law and did everything from uncovering secrets to betraying trust in violent ways. The Order also got more desperate with its tactics, working with otherwise vile company, all for the sake of keeping their freedom.

It was this invite of evil which escalated into the madness led by Jorell Hellion and the disaster of the Planar Rift: a permanent open gate to the Abyss ripped open on the Material Plane. By this point even the whole of Corneria was fighting back against the Chaos, which eventually stopped due to the efforts of the three heroes, and the complete takeover of Hextor on the side of Law. The Phoenix was eventually sealed by Way of the Shalm in Mount Gamemnon, and the Order itself was ruthlessly hunted down by Hextor, leaving almost no survivors. And due to the secretive nature of the Order, no one but the historians know of this.

However, whispered words have begun to spread again with the reappearance of the Phoenix, along with a new Order of the Phoenix. What this means for the world given the Order’s history is waiting to be seen.

Reactions to Society

Due to the nature of the Order of the Phoenix, almost everyone will be indifferent to the presence of a member, for they have no idea what the Order was or what it stood for. For those who understood their history though, you could get many different reactions based on who you speak with. It’s almost certain all Lawful people will be hostile towards a member of the Order and seek their imprisonment or death, while those Chaotic in nature will open their arms in kinship and seek to protect or aid the same person.

Order of the Phoenix

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