A country built upon tyranny, Farmonia is a warring and slaving nation, built upon the principle of might makes right and keeping what you kill. Created after a chaotic war over the necessity of proper law, Farmonia now seeks to raise it’s strength to conquer other lands and adhere them to their law.

The Capital

Gladiator battles are had for sport in the capital. The main (and only lawfully abided) faith is to Hextor, of which the current king is a cleric to.

The Country

Owning, trading, and using slaves has become common practice in Farmonia.

Hextor’s faith is the only lawfully accepted church, and should anyone be seen praying to another they are slain for treason.

Farmonia always has it’s eyes on the lands around it, it’s greatest focus on Corneria, which not only holds much wealth for the kingdom, but is a beacon of Heironeous, Hextor’s hated brother.

Known locations of Farmonia


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