Corneria (sometimes refereed as The Mushroom Kingdom due to the bountiful mushrooms which grow in it) is the height of human expansion and prosperity in all recorded history. Built upon the backs of Gerald Highlander, Krum Stoneheart, and Randall Thay

The Capital

Corneria itself is a combination of fortress, trading hub and artist’s display, due to the combined efforts of all people’s to make a grand city. Farmers work the outside fields around the walls, craftsmen and merchants work the day away in the walls, and the army trains in the inner walls of the castle.

Weapons and armor are of the finest quality here, and the very best of magic is available to the lot (next to Incarnum that is). Even Randall Thay’s trade is available to the people, though he’s confined to his shop (unless given orders otherwise from St. Cuthbert’s church).

The Country

Corneria is ruled by a king selected by divine right of the churches (Heironeous, St. Cuthbert and Pelor are the greatest faiths). A gathering of advisers make sure to keep the king fully informed in every decision he should make, and uphold his choice, for his choice is obviously for the best, having heard all other options and opinions.

Due to the army mostly being inactive (except in Wilson’s Point where Heironeous expects vigilance), the country instead uploads the piece with “sheriffs” which patrol the roads and see to the needs of the people, and act as emissaries for the kingdom (Johnathan Multanious and Marcus Longbottoms are two such sheriffs). Sheriffs have in their possession Collars of Commanding Law, crafted by Randall Thay himself to apprehend and control criminals as they see fit.

Their are a total of three Waysides on the patrolled roads of Corneria, and they are allied with Elfland and an enemy to Farmonia.

Known Locations


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