Assassin's Guild

Greed and power have ever been present in the world, and those who seek to keep it by whatever means usually hire those skilled at killing to work their craft on those who would take away from them. To help facilitate this need, a group of trained and secretive killers has formed, offering their services to the highest bidder. This group is otherwise known as the Assassin’s Guild.

Joining and Requirements

Anyone skilled in the art of killing another can become an Assassin in the Guild, though Rouge’s are usually the most common to join the ranks, due to the fact their craft compliments their purpose well. More martial fighters are among their ranks as well, though it’s considered the most powerful among them are those with magic capability (mostly supplied by the Madaras Syndicate), whose skills take their deadliness to a whole new level.

  • Alignment: Any Evil
  • Skills: Disguise 4 ranks, Hide 8 ranks, Move Silently 8 ranks
  • Special: Must kill someone for no other reason than to join the assassins.








For as long as can be remembered, the Assassin’s Guild has been present throughout written history, for the taint of evil all races share have at one point sought the death of another. The Assassin’s are the best at dealing death, and offer their skill to the highest bidder. How they learned their art is not known, but they keep it secret, and only allow those who prove themselves.

How the Assassin’s Guild came to have dealings with the Madaras Syndicate isn’t clear (though the monetary value of their operation makes it clear), but what is clear is how much a hold the Guild has over the house. Centuries ago, Dravo Madaras I was slain by the head of the guild, who then took his name. This cycle has continued to this day with Dravo Madaras VII.

The Guild keeps their operations low key, but it’s well known they have bases in Port Onus and Melmond, though it’s unknown if either of these locations are their main headquarters, or if the headquarters are in another location entirely.

Reactions to Society

The majority of society fear the Assassin’s Guild, and anyone who is associated with them. Who is to say their life will not be taken next? However, those with the money, power, and a sinister side see them as allies to be used against their enemies (as long as they pay the Assassin enough to not betray them, of course). Known Assassin’s will be hassled or arrested in Good lands, yet tolerated or accepted in Neutral or Evil lands.

Assassin's Guild

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