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  • Zev

    Zev is looked upon with disdain and respect, in that no matter what he does he does it for the sake of nature, and nothing else. All the same, he is the black sheep of the [[Way of the Shalm]].

  • Garland Madaras

    One of the higher ranked members of the Madaras family, Garland loathes the control of [[:dravo-madaras-vii|"Dravo Madaras"]], who is really just an mockery in his eyes to the family name. He is currently being paid by the church of Cuthbert in [[ …

  • Tongaitihi

    A powerful sorcerer, *Tongaitihi* is considered a vile, sadistic, and evil enemy of [[Slingham]]. Outcast by [[:king-j-rg | brother Jörg]], he is a forgotten memory of the city of Slingham. Building armies of undead soldiers, dragons, and the alike, his …

  • Rahu

    Ever the shadow following [[:luvais-ziegler | Luvais Ziegler]], *Rahu* has been secretly present around Striker since he arrived in [[Farmonia]]. There are plans in motion, and lest Striker lives, they will not see fruition.

  • Benson

    While on par with [[:garland-madaras | Garland Madaras]] in terms of magical power, *Benson* has decided to coexist with the lifestyle of the [[Madaras Syndicate | Madaras house]], rather than fight it and the [[:dravo-madaras-vii | head]]. Still, he and …

  • Carmen

    More a sorcerer than a cleric, Carmen is the manipulator in the coven of [[:camilia | Camilia]], using her arcane magic to combat foes in ways the clergy cannot.

  • Neolezreich

    During the [[Liberty Besieged Part 3 | Siege]] of [[Liberty | Liberty]], the floating continent [[Slingham | Slingham]] floated over the city, blotting out the sun with its immense size which spans thousands of miles. Along with it came its army of dragon …

  • Grigori

    Found by [[:belladonna | Belladonna]] in the Abyss when he was at his most vulnerable, *Grigori* was brought to the Material Plane to grow into the proper demon he could be away from the madness of his home plane. Born with the unique ability to greater …

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