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  • Way of the Shalm

    Obad-Hai teaches that one should live in harmony with nature, and that those who would damage the natural balance deserve swift vengeance. The Way of the Shalm formed to uphold this principle, and maintain the balance of nature at all costs. h4. …

  • Whispering Muse

    Not really a village in any sense of the word, *Whispering Muse* more a gathering of wild races of [[Elfland]] with no real sense of law. Along with the rest of the humanoid races, Wildlife, Fey, plants and other denizens of the forest run rampant, making …

  • Sarda

    The age and origin of Sarda is unknown, being that he has never been part of recorded history, but the effects of his power are known enough. Perhaps the most powerful Druid the world has ever seen.

  • Zev

    Zev is looked upon with disdain and respect, in that no matter what he does he does it for the sake of nature, and nothing else. All the same, he is the black sheep of the [[Way of the Shalm]].

  • Lucus

    As the Seer of the [[Way of the Shalm]], it was Lucus who received the prophecy from Obad-Hai, and he would set about plans to make the world in harmony once more.

  • Ganna

    Tamer of the animals and plants, Ganna of the [[Way of the Shalm]] is indifferent to the world, yet will do what is necessary to make her command of her domains stay.

  • Sin

    The only wizard sage in the [[Way of the Shalm]], Sin diligently watches over the arcane so that it will not spoil the divine power of nature she respects.

  • Dryade

    Warrior woman of the [[Way of the Shalm]], Dryade's heart is as erratic as the leaves moving to the wind, yet she seeks right even when her actions don't amount to it.

  • Geal

    Always the peacekeeper of the [[Way of the Shalm]], Geal is willing to hold back what she wishes and do what is necessary to maintain the peace, even if it means something awful.

  • Fosterly Green

    As the master monk of the [[Way of the Shalm]] in [[Elfland]], Fosterly Green is old and wise, having fought the Drow for countless years amidst the forests of the land. Is semi retired from his hunt, and teaches students how to fight and respect the …

  • Brussels

    Brussels was a Druid trained in [[Way of the Shalm | Way of the Shalm (Elfland)]], and sent to [[Spring Harvest | Spring Harvest]] in order to help protect and grow the strong earth the village uses for its flowers and produce.

  • Goldleaf

    Goldleaf is a simple Druid of the [[Way of the Shalm | Way of the Shalm (Elfland)]], who was given a greater task when sent with the party to [[Wildflowers | Wildflowers]] in search of a special flower. He assisted them in their battles with the orcs and …

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