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  • Bruiser Betrone

    As the leader of the street fighting Sea Dogs, *Bruiser Betrone* controls rules the streets as a go between for the criminals and the law of the city in [[Port Onus]] (physical protection, bribing, "convincing", etc.). His position has slided a bit after …

  • Fosterly Green

    As the master monk of the [[Way of the Shalm]] in [[Elfland]], Fosterly Green is old and wise, having fought the Drow for countless years amidst the forests of the land. Is semi retired from his hunt, and teaches students how to fight and respect the …

  • Cassidy

    As the headmaster of the [[Way of the Shalm]] in [[Elfland]], it is Cassidy's duty to train the the students of the future. Granted, his belief in Obad-Hai is nonexistent, but he has the sense to forgo his heart to train those who need it.

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