How U Mine 4 Fish?

The Search for Dravo Madaras Part 6
Christmas with Randall Thay

Upon exiting the mines of Golden Rush, Mac received a Sending from Randall Thay congratulating them on a happy holidays (it being the season and all), and to return to Corneria for some gifts. Knowing that they would need to return to Corneria at some point to return Jaynus to life (especially via a True Resurrection to maintain his mind and body), they debated on the treasures they have collected, a conflict of interest sparking between Razeil Kashar and Macronian (the latter offended Razeil would keep a piece of treasure for his own purposes instead of selling it to help raise Jaynus). Concerned at where to do next, Razeil contacted Pelor via Commune and asked if he was seen in a dimmer light for his actions towards Jaynus, to which Pelor replied, “Yes.” Other questions on what he should do to continue on were asked as well, including if Randall Thay could help them to their goals, to which he was given, “Perhaps.”

Eventually making a decision, they left the next day via Teleport of Marria, and were greeted by Randall in the midst of conversation with Sig Ollivander, a grey elf who had relations with Garland Madaras. Randall immediately suggested they join forces to help Garland out. Immediately after introductions, Randall shouted, “Happy holidays!” and gave them their gifts: a sizable amount of gold and a Staff of Divination.

The Search for Dravo Madaras Part 5
Battle against Drizzle

With Zach warning the party of the vampires before him, Drizzle sent the lions upon Zach, who saw them as a mere inconvenience. The Madaras sorcerer didn’t even get a chance to participate in the fight, for he was instantly turned to dust, which went flying down deeper into the earth. Drizzle slowly gauged the power of the warriors before him, first by summoning the creatures of the night to him, then bringing out his other scimitar, which magically improved upon his defenses.

The lions dealt with and the party split between the oncoming creatures and himself, Drizzle raged and attacked, soon accompanied by Vampire Spawn who have just risen from their graves. Marria deduced Drizzle’s defenses were improved by his other scimitar, so Razeil Kashar took a risk at disarming the blade from him. He was successful, and not only took away his defense but attack prowess as well. The Vampire Spawn were also quickly dispatched, coupled with Fireballs and a Holy Smite, leaving Drizzle to fend for himself.

The Search for Dravo Madaras Part 4
Into the Depths of Goldenrush

The party discussed their options, and decided to gather information on the whereabouts of Dravo Madaras VII with Macronian taking the lead. They discovered from another performer Dravo was within the Underdark, which connects to the Golden Rush mines at a defensible position. He sometimes went down there in order to find new veins of metal for the mines to take.

At first they went to the the mines, believing Dravo went to the Underdark through a tunnel there, but were stopped by guards who claimed Dravo was not within, and they had no business there. Finally coming directly to the Underdark entrance, they bluffed their way through the guards by claiming to be sent by Malta Goya of the Assassin’s Guild, which immediately frightened them enough to let them pass through.

The Search for Dravo Madaras Part 3
The Law comes galloping in

While the party planned atop Bikke’s ship, a centaur like creature made of stone and gears galloped forth, demanding to see Jaynus. Xavier Marcellus recognized it as an Inevitable (specifically a Zelekhut), a creature of pure Law. Due to the similarities the Zelekhut shared with the creature Jaynus met in Corneria, the party deducted that was an Inevitable as well. Coming forth and after a bit of discussion, the Zelekhut claimed to be sent from Mechanus by Wee Jas to force Jaynus to face justice for slaying Cuthbert Guards.

Confused at the claim, Jaynus said he was released from all charges, but the Inevitable retorted there was a loophole used to gain him his freedom, which perverted and ignored Law, requiring Jaynus to return to Corneria to accept punishment. Jaynus continued to state the Laws of the universe were different from the Laws of man, and if the Laws of man saw him as innocent, returning to Corneria would do nothing. Finding this logic sound, the Zelekhut concluded it would deal out justice on his own, attacking Jaynus.

The Search for Dravo Madaras Part 2
Meeting with the Assassin's Guild

Coming back to the ship, Benson explained he was picked as the one to meet them at the restaurant because he showed concern upon Garland’s supposed capture when one of Bikke’s men tipped off the Madaras House. Dravo was not present, because he was not in Melmond, and was last seen going to Golden Rush weeks ago. Concerned with the Assassin’s Guild, they went straight to the headquarters to confront them. Benson, fearing for his life, immediately alerted the bouncers at the front who they were and ran inside.

Seeking entry, one of the bouncers rushed in while the other fought Zach in a hopeless battle for a couple minutes while Assassins gathered round. After the initial assault of lesser Assassins, they were surrounded by Walls of Fire cast from the wands of two Elite Assassins wielding spiked chains (and decked out with support magic to the extreme). The party still managed to defeat them in time, and when the walls of Fire dropped, were lead into the building to see the head.

The Search for Dravo Madaras Part 1
Where Driders walk, and the bait is cast

The party spent the whole day wandering though the city, getting the layout and a map (2 GP from Mac) of the whole island. While exploring, they found important key locations which were public to the masses (and therefore would not get them into any conflicts). Most notably was the port, where they had made their entrance into Melmond. Many boats, warehouses and bars lay around this region. Next obvious was the Madaras Household. The mansion was fenced and patrolled, and with a quick glance that didn’t alert suspicion, it was deducted about 40 guards were present around the perimeter. Next was the marketplace, where all the big dealings and expenditures were had, and close by the magical court could be found, where a large majority of magic from many spectrums was concocted. Last was an unspecified yet seedy place of town, which the PCs felt if they had explored, they would have gotten a lot of attention (or even stopped).

Coming back to the boat the next day, they planned on how to move forward till nightfall. A prominent idea was to draw Dravo to them via bringing out the fact they had Garland in their custody, and were willing to trade him for the bounty, or even greater, Tallum. Garland was a little apprehensive to the idea, for it would alert the Assassin’s Guild, and there was no telling how long it would be before the hiding he had in the boat would last. Still, he would follow through on the idea if it meant Dravo’s death, for the hold the Assassin’s Guild had on the house of Madaras would pass. Thoughts on eventually seeking out the powerful hermit wizard of Rouge’s Retreat were brought forth as well, for he could be used as a powerful ally against Dravo if they could convince him. Also, the trade of Sovereigns Glue and Universal Solvent came straight from him, directing the otherwise broken trade with Corneria directly would not only hurt the Madaras house, but Farmonia as well.

Attack in the Yuan-Ti Sanctum Part 2
Berrick's Greatest Triumph

The party continued to question the captured Yuan-Ti, knocking him unconscious as soon as they had enough information. Apparently, Astos was below, working to bring the Yuan-Ti demon lord through to their world. Deciding to go further in, the party eventually heard the familiar flapping of Spider Eater wings, and discovered a nest where Berrick’s Gray Render was found paralyzed. Their light eventually discovered in the otherwise pitch black cavern, the party fought the Spider Eater’s and the Yuan-Ti mounted on them, including a stronger Pureblood who preferred to fight from shadow.

The Yuan-Ti and mounts were eventually slain, and the stronger Pureblood was captured for questioning. The Gray Render was discovered to have been implanted with Spider Eater larva, which Xavier Marcellus removed with minimal damage to the Render, while Alton Tealeaf cured it of its’ paralysis. Their original charge of Berrick completed, Jaynus and Zacharaia wished to return to the surface and blow the charge which would destroy the landbridge and complete Berrick’s Expedition. Macronian feared the talk of Yuan-Ti they questioned about their demon lord possibly coming to their world, and that Astos should be confronted. The other two reasoned that the demon lord could be happening now or later, and that the flood would take it out in either case.

Attack in the Yuan-Ti Sanctum Part 1
A Contract Against Madaras Made

After yet another night in Incarnum, the party came across the man who assisted them against the devil the day before. Introducing himself as Xavier Marcellus, he said that Kord had sent him to them, so that they may continue their quests unhindered (also accompanied by his cohort Roondar Spooney Smith, of course).

They eventually met up with Bikke, who sought reward for his fall against Jaynus at the contests. Saying that his tenure to Jaynus started at that point, Jaynus had him seek out information against the Madaras House which won the contest. Macronian also proposed to Marria with a ring made of string and grass, which she accepted, but said she would need to think on the offer.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place
A Mighty Warrior Leaves

After the festivities of the night and a good rest, the party had a remainder of items to divvy from their last encounter with the Drow. One notable share was the Amulet of Health Banyon wore, which Macronian believed Marria should have. This upset Zacharaia, for it was Mac who slew his former master. Marria said she would refuse to wear the amulet if that were Zach’s wishes, but he relented in the end (for her protection or because he was disgusted is unknown).

Soon after, a kobold (later found to be Lisa “Bad Luck” LaBurton) ran into them, claiming she was going to be killed. Galadreal presented herself behind the party, demanding the kobold, while a group of St. Cuthbert officials appeared in front of them, seeking the same thing. Both claimed Lisa had stolen something, which she refuted by saying she was just a simple pregnant woman (despite her belly obviously held something other than a baby, along with the fact kobolds hatch out of eggs). The Cuthbert captain threatened to arrest them should they refuse to hand the kobold over, yet Zach took Lisa over to Galadreal, prompting the Cuthbert captain to order his men to, “slay them and hang their entrails from the rafters” (or something to that effect).

Challenge of Champions Year 1
Celebration after the Assault

The party gathered all the viable wealth from the slain Drow, and rested the rest of the night in Kancun. In the morning, Garland Madaras pointed out to them that the Challenge of Champions was starting later that day. Soon after, warriors from Cuthbert and allied forces of Corneria arrived to clean up where the party left off. Before leaving, Zacharaia cast Speak With Dead upon the corpse of Banyon, in order to receive some form of information from his remains. Afterword, Garland teleported the main party to the Challenge (Dimble was left behind do to the limit of his power).

In Incarnum, the party was well received by the crowds waiting for them, and were met by their final companion into the Challenge of Champions. After paying their fees (Zach bought everyone a guild membership), they participated in festivities before the next day’s events, gaining prizes by showing their skills (Jaynus won Archery and Tame The Bull, Silas Master Rider, Fezzy Academics, and Zach the Obstacle Course).


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