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Drow Attack of Kancun Part 2
The fall of the Teacher

After the attack, the party gathered all the equipment they could, and explored what was down in the well. They quickly evaded a trap set to plunge someone down into the well water below, and continued to search through the tunnels and rooms dug under the city of Smallville by the Drow. They eventually came upon a Wizard and his slaves, working upon a task. The party quickly dispatched the drow, and the wizard calmly surrendered. The party was perplexed at this, and he claimed the force above must have been defeated if they were before him, so he stood no chance at survival in combat (especially with no spellbook, which Janet took from him). Also, he knew Corneria was honorable, and wouldn’t torture of kill him outright.

They took him above and restrained him in the jail for questioning later on, and returned to search the rest of the tunnels in the well. They eventually found another entrance to the tunnels from the basement of a burnt down building. As they searched it, they realized the building was the the potion makers, whom not only supplied cure potions to the populace, but also owned the tobacco patch near the underdark entrance in the forests of Kancun.

Drow Attack of Kancun Part 1
A poorly executed trap

While a part of the party teleported to Kancun, the remainder of the party prepared themselves in Smallville. During this time, Macronian noted his shadow acting oddly: it would stick to other shadows longer than it was supposed to, as if it were stuck or joined somehow. The next day they were all ready to Teleport with Garland Madaras, and found the sky was filled with clouds, blotting out the sun, making Drow attack during the day possible.

Arriving on the side of the city closest to the jail, they join with the rest of the party in order to interrogate a captured Drow warrior. He refused to talk, so Dimble Gerrick One Shoe began to fascinate with his jokes, which managed to give a little chuckle out of him. He then proceeded to Suggest answers out of him, and discovered they had many other soldiers about, were centralized around the well, and came to the surface through a opening to the underdark not far from the city (which the party knew of).

A Future Investment
And the coming of Drow

The metal man walked off, and the party gathered together to devise a plan to end the Quest placed upon Jaynus and Zacharaia. While Zach finished the Book of Exalted Deeds (a book filled with knowledge which could help him complete his Quest), The decided to walk to Kancun to make things known to Maggie.

Before they could move, they were first summoned by the church of Cuthbert, who had chosen them to represent Corneria in the Challenge of Champions. As members of the Corneria army and well known for there deeds (and with the recent atonement of a Drow/Drider to a highly valued religion of good), the kingdom needed to raise morale, strength and hope by showing Corneria still stood strong after all it had been through. As a means to get them to the Challenge and still travel to Kankun unhindered, Garland Madaras was hired to Teleport them when the time would come.

Recuperation after the Assault
And a new heart has joined with the Holy

The party was taken to the surface, where they were well guarded (especially Zach, whose new Drider form was even more fearsome in appearance than his original). Taken to hospital tents where 100’s were being tended to for their attack in the sewers, their wounds were tended to by what healers were present. Even Striker was among the limited staff, and his arms were drenched with blood.

The next day, Jaynus and Mac were both handed letters from Belladonna (both already opened by St. Cuthbert’s clergy). In a discussion the party had, it was revealed by Mac that Belladonna sought the child he sired with a Water Mephit many months ago, and if she did not receive it or some other reward for what she gave him (his people, love, and magic), she would continue to slay everything around him. Jaynus’s was a twisted love letter, and revealed he had already sired a child with Belladonna, if though it hadn’t been 9 months (yet she wrote as if it had). During their discussions, Johnathon walked in an kneeled before Zach, thanking him for his bravery. He then explained he knew zach was of good heart, and the church found his condition as a Drider unjust. Johnathan then offered membership to his church, not only to strengthen it, but to protect him from Lolth (they are opposed gods). Zach took up Johnathan on his offer the next taday, and changed his alignment to LG via Atonement.

Into Corneria's Sewer 2
Assault Against Belladonna

The party attacked Belladonna and her demons, who were sitting in a room prepared for assualt. Two Vrocks and two Babaus waited within (along with another Babau who kept away from combat, merely watching). Belladonna merely sat upon her chair, watching, and summoned two other Vrocks once the party began to get close.

Zacharaia cast a Flame Strike upon her and the Vrocks, bringing her into the fight. Jaynus then cast True Strike and Invisibility upon himself, hoping to get a single strike upon her to kill her. Not only did she see him coming towards her, but the blow didn’t kill her either. She and the Vrocks proceeded to knock Jaynus unconscious, and the rest of the party began to focus on taking Belladonna out once they got close enough. However, once Belladonna confused both Marria and Zaden (who had Improved Invisibility cast on him via Marria), they began to realize things were dire. As did Belladonna, who teleported out of the room along with the nonactive Babau, order the remaining demons to let the party live, and have fun.

Into Corneria's Sewer
Running through Muck Crazy

In the morning, Zacharaia felt sick, very similar to the feelings he went through when he became a full Drow. Going to Randall Thay, he discovered that Zach was turning into a Drider, the cursed spider form of Drow who have failed Lolth. However, all who are turned to Drider still believe or at least fear Lolth in some way, which is how she’s able to affect them as such. Because of this, Randall had no idea how this was happening to Zach.

Silas sought out the means to get weapons imbued with holy power, first from the church of Heironeous, but was told that such weapons belong in the hands of holy warriors, and were not just tools to be used by any man. It was the same answer he got from ever good aligned church.

Gamemnon Epilogue and Return to Corneria
Or How a Savage Married a Princess

The party rode the Roc guided by Iam Noone back towards Lake Crescent as The Phoenix continued to drop flames across the landscape, almost an after thought. As it circled the Lake, the party decided to fly up and parley, where it spoke to their minds to land in the open clearing they used earlier to commune with the sages of Lake Crescent.

There, they were met with Sarda, Lucus, and Zev, who explained that freeing the Phoenix before them was the same Phoenix which appeared years ago, before the great war that made Farmonia into the country that it is today. The Shalm was commissioned by the powers of Law to contain the Phoenix, for they didn’t not know what it would do, or at the very least, incite emotions as it did with the Order of the Phoenix. To further persuade the Shalm, they agreed to adhere to the laws of the Druids, and make the country in tune with nature once more.

Day 3 of Mount Gamemnon
And thus, the Fire erupts

On the morning the full moon’s third day, the party prepared for attack deep within Mount Gamemnon. The Azers had spent the night working and building walls and traps to slow down the Fire Giants, while Luvais Ziegler prepared a Symbol of Pain to weaken the Giants, and a Symbol of Sleep to hopefully put them asleep. Stationed with the Azers, the Giants broke an opening through the wall, where Hell Hounds could jump through, which immediately set off the Symbol of Sleep, putting all but two of the twelve asleep. Three Giants came through, unaffected by the Symbol of Sleep, requiring the party focus on pure violence against them.

A few Azers were slain in the assault, including the wolf Animal Companion of Silas, Rufus. realizing more Giants were waiting coming, the party decided to bring the fight to them while the Azers rebuilt defenses, leaving an opening should they need retreat. The sight which struck their eyes was one of a vicious combination of traps sprung and violence, as corpses of Hell Hounds and Fire Giants lay around them being devoured by swarms of rats/spiders and Dretchs (which disappeared one by one, having been summoned by someone’s magic). In the silence, 4 invisible presences were heard, which were challenged.

Day 2 of Mount Gamemnon
Into the Volcano we go

Atop Mount Gamemnon, the party had just finished the fight against the fire giant Kragg and his hell hounds, but the gargantuan red bird flew off with Silas in its claws. Not knowing what else to do buy move forward, they gathered the treasure they could find on the giant and moved on.

Up the mountain, things were grim for Silas, but luck/misfortune was with him in the form of an attack on the bird with giant rocks and rays of flame, downing it, the falling finally killing it. Silas survived, and hid himself amongst the rocks to hide from whatever made the attack (possibly more giants).


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