How U Mine 4 Fish?

Liberty Besieged Part 2
Two Galditorial Champions Clash

After Jaynus leaving the party with the Zelekut, Silas/Calintz was informed by Loard Holdstein that back-up would be on it’s way to the point they were to defend. Soon enough, a Minotaur trying to disguise it’s true appearance flew in through the smoke filled air, though it was a faulty attempt compounded by the fact its wings were clearly seen. Before them was a Gold Half-Dragon Minotaur who claimed to be Rando “The Awesome”, Gladiator Champion of Farmonia. Comments were made about how Ryuu Pendragon could be related to him, but they were dropped in lieu of the impending rush of soldiers.

Getting in position, they were rushed by Farmonian soldiers which were quickly dispatched, followed up by a gargantuan Retriever. Seeking to fool it, Marria cast Mass Invisibility, and the Retriever walked past all of them, getting destroyed from an ambush from behind before it could react. Before they could rest, however, lions rushed through the streets and across the roof, followed by their master Ral’ Shavok. As a former Gladiator Rando was unable to ever kill, he rushed forward with the rest of the party, dispatching the lions as they came upon him.

Liberty Besieged Part 1
The Red Dragon of Blackheart Released

Almost two weeks before the fall of Dravo Madaras VII, a call was put out by Loard Holdstein (with assistance from Macronian and his companions) to gather together allies and warriors to help defend Liberty for what would most likely be the last time. Farmonia had discovered the city was recieving proper trade, warrior training, and magic. While it appeared they did not know exactly how Liberty was doing this, Farmonia realized the threat it caused to their nation and planned to sack it completely, coming to the conclusion they no longer needed the training grounds as it stood: they were more than ready to make war with Corneria.

Before long, all necessary people of the plan were gathering in Loard’s war room. Besides Macronian, Marria and Alton Tealeaf, there was Dimble Gerrick One Shoe, Jaynus, Silas, Zaden Holdstein, Eddie Banker, Belfor, Ryuu Pendragon, Walitz, Orthos, Garbaage, Khan (replacement of Jensen Hall who was promoted by the necromancers of Rosefield), and Trunks. After introductions, they jumped straight into plans, first being Orthos desiring to run into the horde of Farmonian soldiers with his own men via the underground tunnels (filled with traps, mazes and other means only they knew about so that Farmonia couldn’t come through on their own).

The Confrontation with Dravo Madaras Part 3
A Leader of a House Falls

The Wraiths continued to close in, getting all the louder with the arrival of the two Dread Wraiths which controlled them, who could only be seen by Razeil Kashar (via true seeing), and Zacharaia (physically upon the Ethereal Plane via plane shift) because they were traveling underneath the surface. Those without the ability to see them were taken aware, but eventually devised a tactic to strike at the Dread Wraiths when they struck in response, so that their speed wouldn’t get the better of them.

On the Ethereal Plane, Zach quickly dispatched the female Drider ghost, who claimed she would be back before she dispersed into nothingness. Zach then focused his attacks on the Dread Wraiths, who revealed they were capable of touching everything around them in one fell swoop, even while under the ground. The summoned Bralani Eladrin, Xavier Marcellus and Roondar Spooney Smith took great damage from this attack, but managed to get in attacks of their own against the Dread Wraith.

The Confrontation with Dravo Madaras Part 2
Assault at the Three Altars

Finishing up their discussion with King Connery, the party went about their plans to save the city of Melmond. They returned to Randall Thay for more resources, while Raziel and Zach sought mercenaries for their cause, in addition to the soldiers Conceria pledged (which Garland would be teleporting throughout the week). The method at which they were to find the suitable warriors involved the mercenaries to try and strike Zach, after which 14 seemed suitable. Sig also sought out a warrior as well, hoping to seek one away from the Law (as many of the mercenaries hired were as such). Going to a brothel, he appeared to only find more of the same, but still managed to tip the bouncer at the door for his troubles. After the party came together and planned their next move, Sig decided to stay behind and work upon his magic, while the rest went straight to Melmond via Garland.

Teleporting to the Docks, people ran away in terror from the arriving party for some reason, while city guards rushed in with weapons drawn. Making themselves known as the same people who promised to deal with Dravo, the guards informed them that they knew Dravo was coming with an army of Wraiths, and demanded he not be hindered on his way to the docks. The city had evacuated a large portion of the city out of the way just for this purpose, to which the party objected and brought forth plans to defy Dravo.

The Confrontation with Dravo Madaras Part 1
The Dust and Rot of the Earth Spills Forth

Confronted with the sight of what was Dravo Madaras (though only have of his face was shown), the party realized he must be a Lich, confirmed when Dravo ripped off the remainder of his disguise. Only recognizing Zach, Dravo was surprised to find he was a Drider, and offered Zach to join in with the rest of the Driders against Lolth. More over, he continued to offer the rest to join him as well, or at the very least run away, for they would surely die if they did anything else.

Talk of his undeath continued, and how the world would finally know the truth, and Dravo claimed it didn’t matter anymore for he would soon live forever and never fear death, indicating to the Orb behind him (which the party noted was similar in appearance to Zach’s Orb of Fire, yet light brown in color). Not wanting to hear anymore of it, Striker began to cast, prompting Dravo into action against them.

The Search for Dravo Madaras Part 8
Galadreal's Last Stand?

The party cleaned up the rest of the day in Liberty, and slept to regain their health. after a little planning and discussion with Loard Holdstein (and bantering by Macronian), Zacharaia recieved a Sending from Galadreal stating that Saint Cuthbert soldiers have arrived in Thermopoly, seeking entrance into the temple of Kord.

Teleporting back to Thermopoly, they were informed by the church that Viktor himself was in discussion/argument with Orthos about entering the Church of Kord where not only Galadreal was, but the new Teleportation Circle to Liberty was cast. Zaden Holdstein rushed ahead of everyone to confront them, where Viktor confronted him about his collaboration with Galadreal, as discovered through the stories of Striker. Zaden claimed he and Galadreal had split their ways, and she was probably in Liberty at this time, to which Viktor acknowledged and said their shouldn’t be any problem with him searching the city and church then.

The Search for Dravo Madaras Part 7
The Invasion of Farmonia Begins

Choosing which gear to buy themselves, Mac focused on getting Mithral armor for himself, commissioning it with the Dwarven Forge 2.0 to be finished near the end of February. Jaynus passed up having Randall Thay enchant something for him in order to open up his skills for other details should they need them. Instead, he decided to teleport north to Incarnum with Xavier via the magic of Sig Ollivander.

After they laid down a bit of their plans, Randall Thay reminded them of the possible Staff of Transmutation the hermit of Rouge’s Retreat may have, to which Sig still insisted against due to the hermit’s bad reputation (along with the reputation of the Retreat itself). Noting that they still needed a means to bypass the tainted earth found in the Underdark of Golden Rush, Randall brought forth an option: He produced four scrolls, two were of Teleportation Circle, and the others Permanency.


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