Yondalla's Mercy

Heirloom and Treasure of Wildflowers

weapon (ranged)

+1 Small Vicious Sling (original)

Due to the nature of it being an artifact, the “Vicious” quality is capable of imparting its magic into its ammunition. However, only Halflings can call upon the “Vicious” quality.

Yondalla’s Mercy is a mutable artifact, in that it can be enhanced by mortal magic. This is difficult however, requiring an additional 2000 GP to enhance (just like Cold Iron, only needs to be paid once).


Yondalla’s Mercy was a sling given to her devout, who knew the necessary need to be strong, but was a healer at heart, and couldn’t bear the burden of knowing another was suffering, even if it was just. As a means to appease his heart and still allow him the strength to defend his people, Yondalla gave

The Halfling artifact found its way into Wildflowers, and on the day Macronian and Marria were to be wed, the village was attacked by humans and orcs. The wielder of Yondalla’s Mercy fought bravely, but perished. MAc eventually returned with a part of adventurers, taking back Yondalla’s Mercy before it could be taken away.

Yondalla's Mercy

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