Ring of the Phoenix

Last remaining ring of the Order of the Phoenix


Once per month, should the character die he shall be Reincarnated the next round in a bout of fire (though all of its belongings will be safe). The ring must have been worn for at least 24 hours to be of any use to the wearer, and should the ring be taken off at any time, another 24 hours must pass to attune.


Back in the time of early Farmonia, when Law demanded that it be headed, a large faction of the people believed they didn’t need Law. As long as they were good and decent to each other, what did it matter if they didn’t adhere to any code of conduct? Soon, a Phoenix was spotted by some, who deemed it a sign they were in the right, and formed a band known as the Order of the Phoenix to try their best to combat the coming of Law.

The Order, however, was misrepresented in countless cases, wherein those with vile intentions put moles within their order, setting about a chain of events so horrid Law had no choice but to go to war. Through this war, Hextor gained power, and slaughtered the remaining followers of Law before they could change their course, and Farmonia came to be as it’s known today.

The Order itself was slaughtered, having no place in the dominance of Hextor, and all knowledge and items were erased from history…save for this last ring. The ring itself never had power, and was just a symbol. It was the Phoenix who had given it strength.

Ring of the Phoenix

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