Luckstone of Olidammara

A shiny favored jewel of Olidammara himself


As the Stone of Good Luck from SRD, but with another benefit. Twice per day the holder can use the power of the Luck Domain as an extraordinary ability to reroll one roll just made before the game master declares whether the roll results in success or failure. Reroll must be accepted, even if it’s worse than the original roll.

The jewel is permanently bound to the holder till death, unless he gives the jewel away to another for no gain whatsoever. The power of the stone lies solely in the fact its possessor is in good standing with Olidammara himself. Usually this means being within one step of his alignment (N, CG, CN and CE), but other circumstances may occur (at DM discretion). Should Olidammara be displeased, the jewel will become cursed. While cursed, the jewel loses the power of the Luckstone, and the Domain power can only be used 1/day, but at a determent where in the DM can deem any one roll the party makes in the future as a Natural 1 (usually where it’s most dramatic).

The curse can only be lifted when one within one step of Olidammara’s alignment in possession of the gem gives an extraordinary performance within his church. Due to the nature of Olidammara, any place where there is wine and merriment will work, though should one perform in a locale constructed solely for the purpose of worship to the god, that performer receives a +5 circumstance bonus to their roll.


Long ago Olidammara stole a magical gem from Wee Jas, and when he was cornered he smashed the gem into countless shards in lieu of returning it to her. The shards were scattered across the planes, so that Wee Jas and not even Olidammara could have the gem. These shards have since come to be known as the Luckstones of Olidammara.

These gems eventually reached the hands of his mortals, and while normally coveted for their power, there were also held in high regard by Olidammara’s offspring, seeking to be ever closer to that which was within their blood. It has gone from hand to hand countless times, of course, due to the very nature of magic the jewel possessed.

Many of the luckstones have been hidden away or destroyed through the years, and they’ve all but disappeared from the history of the land. The last known luckstone belonged to the first Dravo Madaras, and disappeared after he was slain. Due to recent events, it can be deduced the original Dravo simply became a Lich via using the luckstone to create a pendent to hide his soul, and the gem disappeared from the world in order to guard it.

Luckstone of Olidammara

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