Container of Isgarik

Crystal Prison of the Abyssal General


As a normal Crystal Ball, but with the powers of True Seeing, Telepathy (Will 20 vs. Suggestion, CL 20), and Detect Thoughts (Will 20, CL 20).

Due to the presence of the Balor within, the summoning power of a creature is improved, increasing a summoning success by 50%. Also, the user can use Dominate Monster 1/day (Will 23, CL 20). Should the Container break, Isgarik the Balor will be freed, and can be commanded to perform a service immediately upon release (akin to Trap the Soul).


During the height of chaos in the forming of Farmonia, a planar rift (the same that allowed Galadreal to arrive in the Material Plane) allowed a Balor to roam the lands. Randall Thay used his own personal crystal ball to trap the Balor within. The planar rift was closed, but Randall lost the orb. A recent encounter had it show its face once more to the world, which means the hunt for the container is on once more.

Container of Isgarik

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