Collar of Commanding Law

Randall Thay's masterpiece of Law


Considered a cursed item due to its magic, the Collar of Commanding Law takes up the neck slot, and can only be placed by one who knows the proper password(s). After that, pretty much any combination of enchantments can be used to control the enslaved by command of the user should wish can be applied in any order of fashion to the wearer, going so far as to instantly slay the wearer.

The extent of the powers the collar grants is grand, though abuse has been known to anger the Law Keepers of Mechanus. Each time the collar is used, there is a 10% chance of an Inevitable to Plane Shift to the location the collar is commanded on, which has two goals: track down the collar and take it back to Mechanus, and slay the commander of the collar. Should more than one command(s) be given a month, each chance of an Inevitable being sent is cumulative (20% second command, 30% third, etc.)

Strong (various schools); CL 17th; Craft Wondrous Item, creator must have be blessed by the realm of Mechanus, (Bestow Curse, Calm Emotions, Charm Monster, Crushing Despair, Daze, Dominate Monster, Feeblemind, Geas/Quest, Greater Command, Hold Monster, Hypnotism, Mark of Justice, Mind Fog, Power Word Kill, Suggestion, Zone of Truth); Price ???? gp


The Collar of Commanding Law is the height of Law, and the tool of Corneria for which it brings the criminals to justice. Randall Thay created them after his last adventure with Gerald Highlander and Krum Stoneheart, where in he and Gerald became blessed by the realm of Mechanus.

It is a means for the Law to be upheld with the unruly. Though Randall didn’t hold much weight in the concept, it being a bother in the means of progress, he knew of the importance of Law, and was willing to have some means of control should it be necessary. This necessity would come into play when Randall unexpectedly began an attack against the Corneria, requiring St. Cuthbert’s clerics to restrain him with a collar, forcing him into servitude.

Many have tried to replicate the Collar of Commanding Law, but no one has come close.

Collar of Commanding Law

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