Bluetooth of Revenia

Ancient Device of Planar Communication and Trade


A simple metal circlet worn around the head with a single large blue gem on the front, the Bluetooth of Revenia allows the wearer to use Sending at will. At activate, the user must place a finger upon the band near their ear.

Strong Evocation, CL 20th, Weight 1 lb


Long ago, a planar city of commerce was built by powerful Mercanes for the purpose of having trade come to them rather than having to seek it out. To oversee this trade which brought in gold by the millions, a council of 33 Mercanes controlled all matters of commerce and administration. However, one of these Mercanes was given the power to speak for the council directly, and could countermand all edicts of other council members as she chose. This Mercane was Chief Councilor Revenia.

Through her efforts, Revenia’s means to diplomaze and communicate with powerful contacts from across planar distances were renowned even among the gods. She expanded trade through the planes in such a way the city continues to stand to this day, secure under the large sums of not just gold it collected, but defenses and allies. Upon her eventual death, the council decided it was only proper for Revenia to still speak for the council even after death, and circlets were created with gems crafted from the teeth of Revenia.

Due to the immense effect Revenia had upon the multiverse, each of these circlets became a minor artifact, and believe to be the greatest treasures of the Mercanes. The number of Bue Teeth of Revenia left is unknown, for many have been stolen, destroyed, or taken beyond the trade of the planar city, though their effects are still felt throughout the cosmos.

Bluetooth of Revenia

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