The new intelligence the seeks the heart of battle

weapon (melee)

CN Ego 11
Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 14

+1 Small Shocking Wounding Short Spear

Lesser Powers

  1. Hold Person (Will 14) on enemy 3/day
  2. Deathwatch continually active

Speaks Common, Abyssal, and Halfling with weilder (telepathically).
120 ft vision and hearing.


Originally a simple shocking spear found washed away from the remains of an old battlefield, (The) Bloodletter came into being from the manipulations of Belladonna (unknowingly by Macronian who weilded it, of course), (The) Bloodletter seeks the joy of battle for batttles sake. It pretty much cares for nothing else, and wishes it’s wielder to bring it to bear in as many battles as possible so that it can relief others of their blood.

Currently possessed by Trunks, who along with Orthos gathered gold in the north in order to buy it from Mac.


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