Axe of the Lonesome Warrior

Cursed weapon created from a Wish

weapon (melee)

+1 Holy Flaming Frost Shock Greataxe

Gold and other precious metals adorn the weapon in intricate patterns, and it glows with light as bright as a torch.


Created from a Wish from a Noble Djinn granted to Jaynus, the Axe of the Lonesome Warrior is a living contradiction. Upon the Wish, Jaynus sought a weapon with such great power that would give him no drawbacks. This of course was granted by the Djinn…very literally. The stress the magic created required a drawback, and so while there would be no drawback to the wielder of the weapon, everyone who was an ally to the wielder would feel the pain the axe inflicted. Its existence is a contradiction due to the Holy quality of the weapon, for Holy weapons are given to those who show altruism, and he who wields the axe is a bane to all he would call friend or ally.

The Axe works just as a +1 Holy Flaming Frost Shock Greataxe, yet whenever a friend or ally is within 100 ft, they take the damage the enemy received (after Damage Reduction and Energy Resistances are factored). This does not occur simply because the wielder declares someone a friend or ally: That decision is for the supposed friend or ally alone. As such, friends and allies will die around the wielder lest they forswear all ties to him.

Having since taken on the nickname Jinn Axe, The Axe of the Lonesome Warrior has only seen battle once in the city of Liberty. That is where it was first revealed the weapon was more than it seemed as Jaynus slew halflings from Wildflowers and warriors of the city exploded in gore all around him. Since then, it has only been seen by merchants (and specifically Randall Thay, who revealed the curse), so that Jaynus could receive some means of value from the weapon, if not from battle itself.

Axe of the Lonesome Warrior

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