Drow exile of the queen


Monk ?, Cleric ?

Drow (full blooded after a year of play), transformed into Drider


Zacharaia (Zach for short) was born and raised in Noir of the Underdark. Though he was a Drow in appearance, he had none of their species qualities. He escaped to the world above, finding that while his body showed signs of the Drow, it was more akin to a common Elf. He eventually came across Marcus Longbottoms in Backwater, who realized he wasn’t vile like the rest of the Drow, yet needed assistance in getting credentials as such.

During an adventure into Corellon’s Sword, Zach was polymorphed into a snake by Astos, who promptly escaped afterward. When Zach’s mind was about to fade into that of a snake the next day, Lloth assited him, claiming he was hers forever, after which Zach eventually came under convulsions and sickness, requiring the party to carry him back to Corellon’s Shield to assist Elan Gwaren.

Zach’s Drow blood emerged during the coup of Vulcan Silver, and he had the strengths of both races, yet none of the weaknesses. Upon returning to Corneria, Randall Thay was called upon to examine him, and it was discovered he was always a Drow, yet magic (which was recently shrugged off) kept him bound in another form.

During an adventure into Mount Gamemnon, Zacharaia acquired the Orb of Fire, which connected him and his soul to the Elemental Plane of Fire.

He was eventually underwent another transformation during an attack into the sewers, and was turned into a Drider. For his choice and actions in the sewers, Johnathan Multanious offered solace at the church of Heironeous.


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