Money Minded Wizard of the Jokester


Male Human


A wizard hoping to make more than a few paltry gold, Walerby came into the limelight when Silas sought out a spellcaster to hide a certain item in his possession from those who knew of it. Given his recent employ as the Lord of Smallville, it was a scheme he would be foolish to refuse. As the days turned into weeks, Walerby eventually became good friends to Dimble, who thought to settle down in Smallville with entrepreneurial ideals for not only a bar of merriment, but a shop filled with magic akin to Randall Thay (a prospect Walerby enjoyed immensely). Knowing it would cost him in the now but pay off in the long run, Walerby devised a spell to save on gold yet still keep the item safe, an act which solidified his friendship with Dimble.


How U Mine 4 Fish? JoeSomebody2