Heartless monster turned cold recluse


Ranger ?, Druid ?
Male Human


Leadership score of 17 (15 lvls + 2 Great renown + 1 Special Power +2 Base of operations -2 Has a familiar, special mount, or animal companion – 1 Recruits a cohort of a different alignment)
Cohort: Dimble Gerrick One Shoe



  • Zumurrud, female half-elf Adept (Medicine Woman)


  • Bombis, female dwarf Expert (Assistant/City Planner)


  • Slava, male human Expert (Farmer)
  • Thurid, female human Expert (Farmer)
  • Selim, male half-elf Expert (Charismatic Seller)


  • Misha, male half-elf Warrior (Guard)
  • Bjarni, male human Warrior (Guard)
  • Nasir, male half-orc Warrior (Guard)
  • Gest, male human Warrior (Soldier)
  • Antithe, female half-elf Warrior (Soldier)
  • Laucilian, male half-elf Warrior (Soldier)
  • Silania, female elf Warrior (Scout)
  • Gilbert, male halfling Warrior (Scout)
  • Volund, male human Warrior (Scout)
  • Sturla, male human Warrior (Night Watch)
  • Zook, male gnome Warrior (Night watch)
  • Vestein, male human Warrior (Night watch)
  • Ananthenia, female elf Warrior (Weapons Trainer)
  • Thorfinna, female human Expert (Business Merchant)
  • Dorfur, male dwarf Expert (Building Architect)
  • Xananinthe, female elf Expert (Building Architect)
  • Boddynock, male gnome Adept (Religious Figure)
  • Xanalia, female elf Expert (Historian)
  • Teressa, female human Expert (Scribe)
  • Charmaine, female halfling Adept (Herbalist)
  • Egil, male human Expert (Innkeeper)
  • Farah, female half-orc Expert (Blacksmith)
  • Drusinthenna, female elf Commoner (Blacksmith)
  • Dilbert, male halfling Commoner (General Store Owner)
  • Ingald, male human Expert (Teacher)
  • Hallgerd, female half-elf Commoner (Lumberjack)
  • Rurin, male dwarf Commoner (Lumberjack)
  • Garif, female dwarf Expert (Hunter)
  • Cade, male halfling Commoner (Hunter)
  • Namfoodle, male gnome Commoner (Rancher)

Born a slave, Silas (known as Calinz at that time) was raised by Belladonna in Farmonia to be a brutal child. He eventually escaped her plans and found refuge in the forests, eventually garnering its power fro himself. Began his adventures in Backwater with Marcus Longbottoms.

Prays to Ehlonna, who has guided him through times of need, though it is unknown if she truly accepts him.

Currently in possession of the Ring of the Phoenix, which was previously just a simple signet ring of his father’s from the Order of the Phoenix.


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