Rando "The Awesome"

Mercenary Champion of the Gladitorial Pit


Fighter, Barbarian
Gold Half-Dragon Minotaur


Rando “The Awesome” (given to himself) was born a slave in Farmonia. Not only is he perhaps one of the last survivors of the native Minotaurs before the wars, but a Gold Half-Dragon. Not only does this make his existence immense for the sake of history, but a great financial investment to train and breed him for killing in the Gladiatorial Pits of Farmonia, where through most of his adult life he killed for the pleasure of the crowds.

Desiring escape, Rando’s options were slim, for the easiest route to “freedom” would be to join the army, which Farmonia was more than willing to let him do. The only other way was to buy his freedom through fighting in the pits, but his owner stood to lose too much he he just gave Rando up. And so, Rando eventually bargained for a fight he was likely to lose, but if he won it would in him immense wealth…all of which would go to his owner. He won his freedom as an official citizen of Farmonia, and eventually gained back his wealth working as a mercenary (always under the watchful eye of the Law).

Rando "The Awesome"

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