Randall Thay

Greatest magic user in the recorded history of Corneria


Wizard, Cleric, Mystic Theurge



In all of current recorded history, no wizard or cleric has ever garnered as much power as Randall, and he derives power from both aspects of magic. Corneria was built upon him and the accomplishments of Gerald Highlander and Krum Stoneheart.

In the last adventure he shared with the trio, he and Gerald became blessed by the realm of Mechanus for their efforts in holding back what the two adventurers only described as, “unfathomable chaos.” From this he is able to work with agents of Law to better bring out stability in the Material Plane.

It is also due to this blessing that Randall is able to create the Collar of Commanding Law, an important part of law keeping within Corneria. Randall himself doesn’t hold much faith in Law, it being a bother in the means of progress, but he knows of its importance, and was willing to create a tool to uphold it if necessary. He is currently imprisoned with such a collar for crimes against the kingdom.

Born and raised in the city of Incarnum, where is belief in Boccob is rooted.

Randall Thay

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