Former Black Dragon mount of Slingham


Young Adult Male Black Dragon


During the Siege of Liberty, the floating continent Slingham floated over the city, blotting out the sun with its immense size which spans thousands of miles. Along with it came its army of dragon riders, also numbering in the thousands. These dragon riders and their dragons had a special bond through a magical tattoo upon the rider, known as the Tattoo of Bondage. This allowed them to mentally control their “mount” whom would otherwise be unruly. Unruly, for what dragon would willingly allow itself to become nothing more than a tool for a nation? With enough training, the will of the rider can be imprinted upon the dragon, so much so they lose all sense of self. The only way a dragon under the thrall of the rider can be free is if it’s willingly set free, or if the rider dies.

As is the latter with the Black Dragon Neolezreich, whose rider was slain during the fight against the Farmonians and Demons “allied” with Liberty. The moment the the rider was slain, the feeling of freedom instantly took hold of Neolezreich, and he fled the battlefield. Neolezreich knew escape was necessary, lest it become the thrall of yet another future dragon rider. Almost slain in escape, true freedom was eventually gained as Neolezreich flew over the unnatural mountain range of Farmonia and into the otherwise neutral lands.

With freedom finally its own for once in his life, Neolezreich began to amass wealth, something he had always desired but could never act out on his own. Realizing his freedom was something to be fight for, what treasure Neolezreich did manage to find was used to barter for defenses against new threats, and especially threats from Slingham itself. While the land he was in never had many dealings with a dragon before, they were more than willing to trade service with a physical force such as a Black Dragon. Ever fleeing west from the advancing Slingham, Neolezreich eventually settled in the marshes of the furthest reaches of the country known as Corneria, planning what he would do once Slingham caught up with him.


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