Maya Holdstein

Widow Cleric of Vecna


Cleric of Vecna


Maya Holdstein (also last names Fellow and Jackson) is a widow of Restful Valley. Beautiful in every standard even though she is older, she married young to an older man (Fellow) for love, but their marriage ended early due to his untimely death. to console her, Jackson married her, but he died of natural causes as well, till finally she married the innkeeper (Holdstein).

It’s unknown when it occurred, but she had become a cleric to vecna, possibly when she learned Fillian Malls raised her husbands as undead servants (at their own request even). whatever her reasons, she has since planned the fall of Fillian, taking control of the spirit of Jorell Hellion and working with a Hag Covey. Her plans failed however, and she was slain by adventurers. Her corpse is currently in the hands of the newly risen Jorell.

Maya Holdstein

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