Wife to be of Macronion


Sorcerer 10
Female Halfling


Leadership score of 15 (10 lvls + 3 Cha + 2 Base of operations – 1 Moves around a lot + 1 Fairness and generosity)
Cohort: Alton Tealeaf



  • Vagn, male human Warrior (Bouncer)


  • Garret, male halfling Aristocrat (Barrister)
  • Jillian, female halfling Adept (Alchemist)


  • Sighvat, male half-elf Expert (Architect)
  • Ivellimol, male elf Expert (Clerk)
  • Merla, female halfling Commoner (Clerk)
  • Kalf, male half-orc Expert (Head Cook)
  • Matilda, female halfling Commoner (Cook)
  • Milton, male halfling Commoner (Cook)
  • Thorhalla, female human Warrior (Animal Tender)
  • Eldon, male halfling Expert (Animal Tender)
  • Ivy, female halfling Commoner (Animal Tender)
  • Poppy, female halfling Commoner (Maid)
  • Portia, female halfling Commoner (Maid)
  • Rhora, female half-elf Commoner (Porter)
  • Verna, female halfling Commoner (Porter)
  • Derick, male halfling Commoner (Porter)
  • Arinbjorn, male half-elf Commoner (Head Lackey)
  • Arin, male halfling Commoner (Lackey)
  • Thurid, female halfling Expert (Song + Dance Entertainer)
  • Osborn, male halfling Commoner (Bartender)
  • Milo, male halfling Expert (Blacksmith)
  • Joey, male halfling Expert (Toy Maker)

Raised in Wildflowers like Macronian, Marria was Mac’s to be wife, kidnapped along with many other Halflings and taken to Slave Lake and Rosefield. She managed to survive during all of this until she was sent to Liberty under the effect of some sort of collar (similar in design to the ones of Randall Thay). Reunited with her future husband, where they are taking the rest of their people to Corneria to get out of the collars.


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