Gerald Highlander

Histories greatest Paladin of Heironeous





The greatest light to ever shine from Heironeous, Gerald was the hope and strength of Corneria which brought it to the height for which it’s known for today. Wherever evil showed its head, he was there to hold back the darkness. Corneria was built upon him and the accomplishments of Randall Thay and Krum Stoneheart.

In the last adventure he shared with the trio, he and Randall became blessed by the realm of Mechanus for their efforts in holding back what the two adventurers only described as, “unfathomable chaos.” While Randall devised a way to work with the blessing and create tools to uphold the law, Gerald used it’s more base usage, in working with agents of the Plane to met out Law.

It’s currently unknown by the public where he has gone, but it’s widely assumed he has either passed on or walks the planes in search of greater evil.

Gerald Highlander

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