Leader of the Dragon Riders in Slingham


Figther, Cleric
Male Elf


A man of many traits and talents, skillful in battle and fearless. He wields a +5 greatsword. No one knows exactly what he looks like or of his past (he’s about 6’3 and stocky), but he was brought to Slingham by the King himself. A man completely outfitted in black armor, rarely speaks and more rarely fails a mission. He is the only dragon rider with two dragons. The dragons that he possesses are brother and sister. They are called Wolfgang(red dragon) and Mor(blue dragon), and they have been together since his childhood. It is said that Felix raised the dragons on his own after finding them defenseless in a nest.

Not exactly a believer of the Order and β€œ The One True Way,” but goes along with it for the sake of stability and peace.


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