Farmer Steve

Ill Mannered and Tempered Farmer of Smallville


Commoner ?

Human Male


Farmer Steve has a strong backbone, and a heart for fighting for what’s his if pressed. He sadly does not have that much in Smallville, making him all the more feisty to keep what he can’t risk losing. His large amount of land got more valuable when Ankheg’s began to make large tunnels beneath his small crop, prompting him to feed the fresh meat to keep them around. This made for an awkward situation when the party came round looking for disappearing villagers. One fight with wererats and two Ankheg’s later, and Farmer Steve got himself in a pickle.

The Saint Cuthbert clergy of Corneria cleared him of all charges however, and sent him back to his farm. He was later driven from his home, however, by a swarm of rats, and he ran into the many tunnels of the Ankheg’s, where he covered himself in their larva’s juices to make it seem like he was one of them. The party found him this way along with Dundee (an impostor), and later went to a farm where Dundee sprung a trap on them. Farmer Steve was attacked during this encounter, and was revealed to be affected with Lycanthropy as he turned into a dire rat and ran away.

He was found the next day with the rest of the villagers who changed during the fall of Smallville, unaware of why he was naked in the middle of a field. What has happened to Farmer Steve since then is unknown.

Farmer Steve

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