Elan Gwaren

King of Elfland


Wizard, Fighter

Snake Familiar


Elan Gwaren has been the king of Elfland for over 100 years, ever vigilant against the Drow who seek to slaughter his people. The peace held for a long time, but a recent coup has upset the balance of the kingdom, and the Drow have begun their attack once more.

Currently a Drow due to some sort of magic used by Vulcan Silver, and recovering from the insanity of being attacked by his own people, surviving the wilderness, and hiding from Yuan-Ti for months (called himself Darkie McDarkenson the Darkest Dark Elf in Dark Elf History…which is Dark). Vulcan Silver and the Yuan-Ti lead the adventuring party to him at Corellon’s Sword, who presumed him to be a Drow Assassin, killing and looting him (including a ring which refused to come off, removed after Silas cut the finger from his hand).

They eventually realized their mistake when Elan’s familiar “spoke” with them, and found his corpse, raising him from the dead. He then guided the party (stone from the summoning circle deep in the castle) to a cave in the south which housed the Moaning Diamond, an artifact of great power which he used in his return to break into the castle and stop the coup of Vulcan.

After the battle, it was revealed by Elan to the party that the ring on his finger was magical, and so long as he and Camilia kept each of their rings on, a pact of never attacking each others people would hold. Due to Silas, the war with the Drow would begin anew, making their alliance with Corneria strained.

Currently seeking a means to return to his original form as his mind heals (with the assistance of a Periapt of Wisdom), all the while holding back the new attacks of the Drow.

Elan Gwaren

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