Dimble Gerrick One Shoe

Master of the juggling hop phallic joke act



Gnome (originally), then Human, now Goblin and loving it


Born a Gnome in the Farmonia, Dimble kept his spirits high despite the fact he groveled to a king of tyranny, for he knew the kingdom would eventually have true justice. He became friends with Silas when he came into the royal circle with Belladonna, and tried his best to coerce him away from the queen’s manipulation. He eventually learned of a plot from the king to kill Silas, and warned him of it, which Silas prepared for and escaped appropriately.

That anyone knew of Dimble’s involvement is unknown, but not long after an act he finished for the king and queen, Belladonna tore him open

He was reincarnated by a druid of the Way of the Shalm, and began to wander the world away from Farmonia, walking the freedom of a “dead man”. He found his way to Port Onus, and his act didn’t go well, considering the Sea Dog’s of Bruiser Betrone had one of his feet removed, making him a real “One Shoe”. He traveled long on a wood pegleg (and sometimes wheel), till he came across Silas in Incarnum, where he thought to play a little joke on him (which his party didn’t take to quite well).

After that, Dimble has been following Silas ever since, helping his party in all their troubles.

Dimble Gerrick One Shoe

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