Deceased Necromancer of Restful Valley


Necromancer (when alive)

Spectre (in death)

Male Human


In life, Billius was a proud master of Necromancy, who was always seeking new ways to gain power, while making his life filled with high quality goods and art. He fought with Fillian Malls in the battle that slew Jorell Hellion, and whilst everyone else was focused on the battle, stole the body, head, and possessions of Jorell. After he buried everything but the head of the mass murderer, he devised a spell that (within the assistance of great divine powers) could bring back Jorell in a state between live and death, as a seemingly invincible headless creature who could not die.

He did not, however, complete the necessary ritual, for while he had the capacity to go that far, he wasn’t brave enough to do such forbidden magic (the consequences from powers greater than his would be great). Instead, he set the skull aside as an ornament, praising his accomplishment and secret to those who would listen and keep it secret with him. One such person was Maya Holdstein, a convert of Vecna who took the skull from him and completed the ritual he prepared.

Billius died soon afterward, having provoked wild magical reactions from a stone brought to him by Tallum and Jaynus. The fire burned away the majority of his home (save a painting of him immune to flames), and he came back as a spectre, angry at being betrayed and dying from a magical trinket he could not understand. The adventuring party sought him out when Fillian suspected he might have something to do with Jorell’s appearance, and he revealed where the body was buried: under a tree near an old battlefield.

Since then, Fillian Malls has taken Billius into his temple as his new servant, having lost his Ghast servants to Jorell.


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