Mad queen of Farmonia


The queen of the tyrannical king of Farmonia, Belladonna is mad in every degree of the word. Sensual beyond words, but cunning, selfish, and manipulative. Through her means (and magic), she has slowly gained her right to be next to the throne, manipulating the country of evil to her own perverse evil.

During an adventure into Corellon’s Sword, Tallum broke open a gemstone (found in Wildflowers) due to dreams he was having, saying there was something inside. A demon inhabited the gem, and he was teleported away from the castle into an unknown library where Belladonna was reading. There, Belladonna saw great potential in Tallum, and decided to give him the gift of being able to kill with a single strike, so long as he used his killing to protect one who was precious to her.

Tallum was teleported back to the castle, and Belladonna wasn’t seen again till the part came to Restful Valley, where Macronian and Zacharaia found her after following what they believed was a wounded halfling. There, Belladonna promised to get Mac’s people to him (and his wife to be) out of Farmonia slavery should he kill the Lord Holstein in Liberty. Should he do this, she would also aid him by enhancing one of his ability scores (+1 inherit bonus). He agreed, and she disappeared.


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