Alton Tealeaf

Invigorated Cleric in service of the faithful


Cleric 7 (Yondalla)
Male Halfling
Cohort of Marria


A simple farmer of Wildflowers, Alton Tealeaf had always prayed to Yondalla to keep her children safe, but had never derived divine power from the act. Ever since orcs and humans invaded and slew many of the village, however, Yondalla has been giving him special attention. One of the many captured and taken to Farmonia, Alton took strength from Yondalla’s words and gave heart to his kin.

Upon their release in Liberty and eventually Corneria itself, Alton has been strenghtening his people in the eventual hope they will one day go back to Wildflowers and rebuild it. To that end, Yondalla has pointed him to Marria, whom she believes is the strongest of heart among them all, and through her their people can become whole again.

Alton Tealeaf

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