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The Will of the King Part 4

A New Way is Found

The party attempted a few other methods to solve the Endless Maze, but all attempts failed. Razeil Kashar eventually cast Detect Magic, discovering that the entryways around the grid of 3 × 3 rooms were enchanted with conjuration magic, which Sig Ollivander deduced could have been planar magic which warped the rooms in an endless loop. Knowing where the edge of the grid now started, Luvais Ziegler had the Solar cast Greater Dispel Magic upon one such entryway, which dispelled the magic momentarily, showing a path leading out of the Endless Maze.

The path lead to a giant circular room surrounded with columns, the center of which the floor appeared to be glass (there was actually no floor), and a blue light flowed from below. In the center of this “floor” was a silver cross with a red gem at its center. Attempts from the party to search or enter this space were impeded, a magic not even the Solar could dispel. Striker, however, could freely walk upon this space, and upon stepping on the gem of the silver cross, blue light filled the room, and from within the mind of Striker a voice asked, “What is the will of the way?” Thinking that King Jörg’s death ended the One True Way, saying as such only prompted the voice to ask, “Then what is the new will of the way?”

Striker eventually realized that to be attuned to the continent was to give it a “Way” to follow, which meant quite literally “the way” of who is attuned. Knowing this was not enough, however, for even Striker didn’t know what his way was, and he was eventually expelled from the light for not having resolve. After conferring with his party, he eventually came to understand himself more clearly, and recalled from which Domains he derived his clerical powers (Healing and Luck). After stating as such to the voice, more blinding light enveloped him and his party, until the light faded and they were standing in a fountain in the midst of a city under attack. Striker, now empowered by divine energy from the floating continent, recognized the location immediately as the determined “center” of the continent, the capital of Slingham. And the attackers were none other than the Githyanki forces, their astral ships up in the air.

Githyanki forces upon the ground that took notice of the party were quickly dispatched, much to the joy of those who ran from them, and noticing that Striker was a Protector (he showed his tattoo). Striker cast a Sending towards Felix to inform the dragon rider he was now king after becoming attuned to the island, and what should the party do to best assist Slingham. Felix claimed that taking on a planar raider would likely force the Githyanki forces into a retreat, yet on Striker being king was something to be discussed. Another Sending was sent to have the dragon forces focus attacks upon the planar raider, so that they could attack it without provocation.

Their first attempt to get into the air was to rouse the attention of Githyanki, via Raziel appearing as one of their kind. This failed however, as toy strafing ships shot Scorching Rays upon him, instantly recognizing the cleric as a Githzerai. The ships were quickly dispatched with spells, and went crashing off into the distance. Deciding that it would just be simpler to teleport to the hull of the ship (they had never been inside the ship before and didn’t know what it looked like), Sig transported the lot onto its top, soon after a hole was busted through by a Blue Dragon Rider.

Before they could rush in, however, they were surrounded by Ral’ Shavok and his Red Half-Dragon Troll children, Ral’ Shavok himself riding atop a huge Red Dragon Mount. Not having any weaponry or spells that could sufficiently damage them with acid, they best they could do was damage their bodies enough would they would hopefully be out long enough for them to take over or destroy the planar raider. After most of the children were contended with, Aksalič himself came to the front, and began to barrage them with his acid and spells (which he noticed could not effect Striker, correctly assuming he was now bound to the floating continent). Striker bade the rest to enter the raider while he bought them time against Aksalič, Sig making sure to slay the Red Dragon Mount before doing so, having Ral’ Shavok fall to the city below.

Inside the first level of the Raider were two rows of ballista, each operated by three Githyanki warriors, who upon seeing the party began to pull out their bows and fire arrows. The fight brought others who climbed up the ladder from the level below, the first invisible, the second a necromancer. The Githyanki warriors were easily contended with, and while the brunt of the party rushed in and throttled the necromancer, Raziel was attacked by the invisible Assassin as he attempted to Purge the invisibility. The Assassin didn’t last much longer, with Raziel casting a Slay Living upon his person, instantly ending the threat.

Striker eventually retreated into the ship with the rest of the party, knowing he couldn’t handle the full brunt of the physical might of the Aksalič alone. This didn’t prevent Aksalič from continuing to hinder the party, however, for the attack points of the ballista were still opening, allowing him to use his acid and spells against them as he flew around. The latter of which turned disastrous for Raziel, whom attempted to harm the Black Dragon, who in turn cast an Acid Fog around him, which not only covered the ladder to the level below, but also split the party: Striker on one side, Thad and Zacharaia below (fighting a Blackguard and more Githyanki warriors), and Raziel retreating to another side with Sig, almost all of his magical equipment melted away by the fog.

Down below, Zach made use of his Flame Strike via the Orb of Fire, clearing out most of the opposition, opening up the entryway to the captains quarters. Within was the ship’s controller (quickly dispatched), along with a skull atop of pedestal. Zach touched it, and after getting infused with negative energy from the skull seemingly rejecting him in some fashion, he realized he could see through the ship as if it was incorporeal, and could control it as well.



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