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The Will of the King Part 2

Invasion from the Astral

During all this, Razeil Kashar was rushing from the lower portions of the Iron Giant, arriving from the chamber of the Encompassing Mind ready for battle. Ulrich attempted to stop him from his position on the ground, but was rushed by Luvais Ziegler, who asked to to stop and surrender. Upon Ulrich’s refusal, Striker cast Harm upon him, killing him instantly and rotting his body beyond recognition. Felix and King Jörg were appalled at this action, but both went back to focusing at the battle at hand. As such, Felix rushed at Raziel, and discovered how dangerous the Githzerai’s kama was as it left bleeding wounds upon his person. In retaliation, Felix sundered the weapon in a single stroke before focusing his attack against the Githzerai.

Meanwhile, King Jorg cast Divine Power and began casting a collection of Spiritual Weapons to deal with certain members of the party. Three were set upon Zacharaia, two on Sig Ollivander (whose Mirror Images and Displacement took up the brunt of the blows), and one upon Striker, who was his target for the battle (perhaps because he was a traitor to the kingdom). After Zaden Holdstein took slew the Trumpet Archon, he mad sure to pair of with Striker and his summoned Avorals to take on King Jorg.

Outside, the attacks of the dragon army were dwindling, and Mor’s attempts to tear out the neck of the Iron Giant had failed. The Controller grappled Mor and attempted to crush him as he did with his brother Wolfgang, but Mor’s lightning breath was launched straight at the Giant’s face, and with all the damage the construct had taken already, it blew all the way through the Giant’s head, killing the Controller as well. With no Controller and no more energy to animate the construct, the Iron Giant fell dormant, dropping Mor who flew off down towards the corpse of Wolfgang.

In response to Felix sundering his kama, Raziel cast a Blade Barrier in front of him, just enough so that Felix had to withdraw entirely to not be damaged, or fight Raziel within the Barrier. He chose the latter at first, be eventually retreated to Heal himself. Sig attempted to keep him at bay a little longer with a Wall of Fire, but Felix was impervious to the heat via some ward on his person. Zach rushed through the Barrier (which bypassed his Spell Resistance) and Wall (which didn’t harm him because of the Orb of Fire) and began to focus on Felix, feeling that Striker and Zaden had a handle on the situation. Felix (in conjunction with King Jorg’s Spiritual Weapon’s) managed to push Zach into a corner and attempted to Heal himself via the Staff of Life, but Felix seemed to know it couldn’t last and rushed back through the Blade Barrier and Wall of Fire towards the corpse of Ulrich. Zach followed him and placed him in a grapple, and in desperation and defeat Felix asked for mercy: to accept his surrender so that he may leave with his companion. Zach refused and pinned Felix down, rendering him helpless.

Meanwhile, King Jorg was getting pressed by Striker and Zaden, resorting to healing himself with quickened Cures, and eventually even a Heal so that he could continue to stand against them. Sensing that he was being pushed to desperate measures, Raziel cast Silence upon something in his possession, rendering all spells with verbal components useless around him, requiring King Jorg to rely solely on his physical prowess. Raziel eventually noted Zach held Felix down, so he pulled off a patch from his Robe of Useful Items and sicked attack dogs on the helpless general. Striker eventually ordered one of his Avorals to join in, and this in the end slayed Felix.

With both his generals dead and nothing but his physical abilities to work with, King Jorg screamed in the Silence as he fought Striker and Zaden, eventually getting skewered by the later. Before he died, those who could read his his lips noted him saying, “Is this really the will of The Way?” Soon after his death, a loud rumbling could be heard outside. The Floating Continent, which blanketed the sky with darkness, was rumbling as if it was about to break, and rocks from its underside were raining down all around them. Hoping to quickly settle things, they gathered the bodies of the king and his generals (Striker making sure they were unspoiled), and had Raziel cast Speak With Dead upon King Jorg’s body, hoping to find answers. The spell was unsuccessful, however, so Striker sent a Sending to Rahu, hoping to get help from him. Rahu said he didn’t care that the island was going to fall, but was glad Striker helped him free the dragons from the hold of Slingham (whose time was now).

Grasping for straws, Striker cast Miracle to call upon some power to stop the Floating Continent from falling from the sky, to which the powers claimed it was beyond their power, and that only a king to lead The Way could keep it from crashing into the earth. Seeking more answers, Striker additionally cast Commune, finding the the crash wouldn’t take place right away, and that the Farmonian army had stopped advancing toward Corneria (yet the war was still ongoing). Due to the nature of the spell, on what was needed to keep the Floating Continent up couldn’t be gleaned, though it was known Striker could become king of The Way, but uncertain if he could. In addition, all question directly relating to the Order of the Still Mind were once again refuted, yet it was found that Raziel’s father (a part of the Order) could be revived via spots of old blood upon the journal they were given previously.

Needing to return to Corneria to attempt a plan of action, they left Zaden behind with the remainder of the soldiers in the Iron Giant. The Encompassing Mind spoke with what could be considered fear and sadness, for the Iron Giant was otherwise irreparable (Maintenance bots fixed things on the inside), and there was only a certain number of days left before the charge ran out on the Heart. In addition, Zaden was visited by Grigori, who complimented/mocked Zaden and the carnage around them, asking if he was willing to come with him and serve his mistress, given that he was a criminal for his actions in Port Onus. Zaden refused, yet Grigori made sure he was free to call on them should it occur to him, given they were going to win in the end.

Once within Corneria, Raziel made sure to drop off Sig at a gentleman’s club (making sure not to associate with him while doing so), and visited Father Elijah about possibly reviving his father, despite recently finding him to be an otherwise evil individual. Striker and Zach went to Viktor, letting him know that King Jorg was dead (ending the Quest placed upon Zaden and Striker in turn), and now the island was going to fall without having someone to lead The Way. Viktor also let it known to them that killing the dragon riders in the war effort was likely a mistake, for now hundreds of dragons were gathering in the otherwise dragon-less lands, looting, pillaging, and otherwise causing more trouble than they were worth.

Soon after this, guards came to Viktor, stating that Randall Thay’s shop was under attack, and a gargantuan black dragon was killing everyone who came close. Sig was made aware via Sending, and instantly teleported there, coming face to face with the black dragon. Calling itself Aksalič, he asked Sig not to interfere, lest he wanted to be killed like the rest of the soldiers trying to get close. Sig eventually made an offer of gold to Aksalic so that he could be let into the store, which the black dragon agreed to. the rest of the party arrived as Sig walked into the store, and Striker recognized the dragon as Aksalič immediately. Aksalič explained he didn’t want his friend disturbed, and they would have to get past him to enter. Taking him up on the offer, Raziel rushed to the entrance, taking on the full force of Aksalic’s acid breath, and Zach and Striker followed soon after (both getting struck by his bite).

Inside the store, Sig discovered that the entirety of the store had lost its magical appeal, and not that it was simply suppressed, but gone completely. In another room he could hear Randall Thay fighting with someone, and upon entering the room found it to be an unknown lich (with a silver cross tattoo acrss his chest), backing Randall into a corner (which he seemed to be defending). The lich ordered Sig to let them be, which Sig glaldy agreed to (he didn’t have very many spells left). With the lich somewhat distracted by the entrance of Sig, Randall took the opportunity to cast Teleport, leaving the shop he couldn’t possibly leave in the past (the store was guarded against planar travel, let alone the orders of the collar). The Lich marched over to where Randall stood and rifled through magical papers, and Sig queried on how he had become a lich (to possibly discover his origins or to replicate the procedure was unknown). The lich grabbed a particular scroll, he claimed it a necessity, and an extreme act of will to do what must be done.

While the lich spoke, Raziel rushed in and quickly cast Heal upon the lich, now on the defensive. Striker and Zach came in soon after, the later of which rushed in and grappled the lich. Striker took a moment, recognizing the lich as Tongaitihi, the one he was sent to investigate over a year ago. He suddenly remembered the incident before coming to this region of the world, where in Tongaitihi suddenly appeared, and caused him and his men to become confused. In this state, he killed his own men, and was taken out by Aksalič before anything more could be done. With this memory, Striker cast Flame Strike upon the grappling couple, which hardly harmed either of them before Zach finished him with a proper pin.

Tongaitihi insisted they let him go, lest they wanted the Floating Continent to fall. Upon replying they would do as such, he called them fools, and continued to try and escape. Sig managed to take the scroll from him, and found it to be writings for a Wish. Soldiers of Corneria eventually came in to see what was happening, and overheard their conversations as they tried to figure out what to do (along with the fact they had a scroll of Wish). They eventually said the lich must be destroyed or at the very least brought to Viktor for judgement, the latter of which the party agreed to.

Opting to tie up Tongaitihi instead of grappling, they brought him forth to Viktor, all the while attempting to keep away from those spells that could be cast while he was grappled. Hoping to find something on his person to identify him or gain more information, Tongaitihi body was searched, and he only had his normal possessions (normal for a powerful Lich, that is) along with some gold. Tongaitihi continued his refusal to elaborate or discuss anything with them, and they eventually opted to place him within the dungeon, within a hold created and held fast by Stone Shape, then gagged. That finished, they decided to have Sig go to the Iron Giant to gather Zaden for the next day (Sig had no more Teleporting capability), while the rest stayed within Corneria.



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