How U Mine 4 Fish?

The Search for Dravo Madaras Part 8

Galadreal's Last Stand?

The party cleaned up the rest of the day in Liberty, and slept to regain their health. after a little planning and discussion with Loard Holdstein (and bantering by Macronian), Zacharaia recieved a Sending from Galadreal stating that Saint Cuthbert soldiers have arrived in Thermopoly, seeking entrance into the temple of Kord.

Teleporting back to Thermopoly, they were informed by the church that Viktor himself was in discussion/argument with Orthos about entering the Church of Kord where not only Galadreal was, but the new Teleportation Circle to Liberty was cast. Zaden Holdstein rushed ahead of everyone to confront them, where Viktor confronted him about his collaboration with Galadreal, as discovered through the stories of Striker. Zaden claimed he and Galadreal had split their ways, and she was probably in Liberty at this time, to which Viktor acknowledged and said their shouldn’t be any problem with him searching the city and church then.

The rest of the party finally catching up, Zach tried his hand at talking Viktor down, but merely annoyed him and called Zach out on defying the Law of the land. Even with the constant refusal of Orthos and the party, Viktor held up the appropriate papers and claimed he had every right to search the church and marched off with his men to the Chruch. Zaden stood his ground in front of the Church, despite the insistence of Viktor to stand down or face even greater punishment from the Law. To everyone’s surprise, Galadreal stepped out of the Church entrance to meet them, intent on not only fighting to the end, but making sure the Teleportation Circle was not discovered.

The fight began, and Zaden set right into dispatching the Cuthbert soldiers, not seeming to care if he slayed any of them or not. The soldiers switched straight into gear and began to attack Zaden with the intent to kill via the order of Viktor. The party did their best to assist Zaden in nonlethal matters, but he was quickly dispatched via the magic of Viktor. The soldiers began to spill into the church, and Galadreal subdued them with ease, yet one soldier who was Hasted ran by Galadreal and began to cast a spell. Sensing something amiss, Zach began to attack the soldier to disrupt his casting. He failed however, and Bone Devils were summoned into the church, which Sig Ollivander deduced it was quite possible the soldier was actually another Devil in disguise (quite possibly the same Ice Devil they met before).

Meanwhile, Alton Tealeaf rushed to Zaden and restored his health before he perished from blood loss, and Viktor ordered some men to watch him while he and the rest rushed in to assist against the summoned Devils. The Bone Devils were dispatched one with great support from Marria, who had cast Greater Invisibility upon a few of them, including Sig who had struck the greatest blow of all against the Ice Devil by casting Baleful Polymorph and turning him into a cat. Soon after the cat was struck with a Disintegrate from Marria, requiring the Ice Devil/Cat to retreated into the temple.

While Zach gave chase, Zaden got to his feet and rushed from the Enlarged soldier over him and into the Teleportation Circle back to Liberty. Unconcerned, Viktor focused the rest of his might upon Galadreal before her, seeing as the Devils were now dealt with. The party did their best to assist, but she eventually fell unconscious against the assault. Not wanting her to be captured, Mac ordered Marria to teleport Galadreal and them away towards Liberty. The spell was off target however, teleporting her, Galadreal, Mac and Alton into the city limits of an unknown location were they were quickly surrounded by guards, casters, and dragons.

Back in Thermopoly, Zach returned with the body of the Ice Devil/cat (slain from it neck snapped) to the rage of Viktor from the escape of Galadreal once again, claiming he was going to arrest everyone within the church. Not long after, Xavier Marcellus finally arrived with his war party, seeing that over half his companions have disappeared since his departure. Viktor searched the rest of the Church via his original intentions, and found nothing, not even the Teleportation Circle, which had been disguised while the party kept Viktor distracted.



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