How U Mine 4 Fish?

The Search for Dravo Madaras Part 7

The Invasion of Farmonia Begins

Choosing which gear to buy themselves, Mac focused on getting Mithral armor for himself, commissioning it with the Dwarven Forge 2.0 to be finished near the end of February. Jaynus passed up having Randall Thay enchant something for him in order to open up his skills for other details should they need them. Instead, he decided to teleport north to Incarnum with Xavier via the magic of Sig Ollivander.

After they laid down a bit of their plans, Randall Thay reminded them of the possible Staff of Transmutation the hermit of Rouge’s Retreat may have, to which Sig still insisted against due to the hermit’s bad reputation (along with the reputation of the Retreat itself). Noting that they still needed a means to bypass the tainted earth found in the Underdark of Golden Rush, Randall brought forth an option: He produced four scrolls, two were of Teleportation Circle, and the others Permanency.

Randall explained: During the time the party was away, he had been in communication with Zaden Holdstein who was currently in Thermopoly. Zaden had expressed a desire to help Liberty and his adoptive father Loard Holdstein to find a means to fight back against Farmonia. Randall believed it would be possible to invade Farmonia from Thermopoly itself with the aid of Permenant Teleportation Circles via the scrolls he was capable of making thanks to getting his 9th Level Spell Slots some time ago. If the party cast them (with the aid of Sig) to create a means of travel between Thermopoly and Liberty, Randall cast as many Disintegrate scrolls they would need to tear down the tainted earth.

The party was apprehensive about the idea, especially with the prospect of the Circles being discovered and used against Corneria. When asked if Corneria knew of this plan, Randall stated they would never know as far as Cuthbert and the rest were concerned. What they were doing would likely be shot down if known by the governing body, though this was the condition Randall was giving them if they wanted Disintegrate scrolls in such a fashion. Having no other option readily available to them, the party agreed.

Splitting up the next day (though agreeing to met up later on), Mac teleported to Smallville via the magic of Marria to oversee how his people were building in the inn he had bought them to work in. Meanwhile, Sig teleported the rest to Incarnum and met with the Red Wizard Dion, who was glad to see Jaynus was not behind bars (and “humbly” suggested it was due to his own vote of confidence). He agreed to enchant Jaynus’s Mithral Chain Shirt to legendary quality (+5 Enhancement), for a legendary warrior such as Jaynus deserved such an armor.

Also, Jaynus questioned if a cursed weapon could become uncursed, to which Dion once again affirmed what he had been told in the past. Curious, Dion asked to see the weapon, and after using Analyze Dweomer exclaimed he would buy the weapon from him at half the GP value it would be if it were not cursed. Taking the offer, Dion claimed he would have his Golems use it, and gave a great feast in the honor of Jaynus.

Xavier meanwhile went to the local church of Kord to seek counsel, and came across many warriors from Thermopoly pledging allegiance to him for the coming war against Farmonia. The lot inspired his passion for battle, and they all rode out on horses to instantly go for Thermopoly. In transit, he let the party know of his plans, and he would met them all in Thermopoly in two days. The next day, they all met up in Incarnum and teleported to Thermopoly in turn. They were met with hostility by the barbarians, but were immediately calmed by Zaden who was with them. Realizing they were the ones who would start the great crusade into Farmonia, they were lead to the church of Kord, where a pedestal was waiting for them.

Inside was Galadreal who had set up a Scrying pool for whoever would be casting the Circle. Within, an empty basement was shown, which she explained was the basement of Loard Holdstein’s mansion, whom she had regretfully been in contact with for this venture. Sig cast both scrolls in succession and walked into the Circle to cast the returning Circle. Loard came to him and noted the skill of Sig, saying they could be evenly matched. Upon finishing the Circle, an explosion noted the city was under attack.

Sig immediately went above while the rest used the Scrying pool to teleport on their own, and were met by elite soldiers of the army along with two of Belladonna’s Retrievers. Jaynus and Zaden cut through the forces quickly to get to the Retrievers, which were quickly taken down in turn. The rest of the party dealt with a pincer attack due to a breach of the walls on the other side of the mansion, bringing on the retreat of Mac, and the defiant casting of Slay Living from Alton Tealeaf. With the battle won, barbarians began to slowly file into Liberty, bringing on the start of the invasion of Farmonia.



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