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The Elite of Elfland Strike Part 1

The Githyanki retreat with their Prize

Whilst the rest of the party was working to get to the Planar Raider, Zaden Holdstein cleared out the Githyanki forces upon the ground, noting Chromatic Dragons fighting and losing against some of these forces. He let a few die against the assault instead of assisting, but eventually saved a White Dragon. Introducing itself as Bubba (given to him by his former Rider), he was doing his best to fight off the Githyanki, for Slingham was his home after all. Noting that the bigger fight was above them, Bubba allowed Zaden to ride atop him, and flew up to assist the party.

When Zaden arrived, Aksalič was still making the rounds around the ship, attacking those he could. Zacharaia began to direct the ship down to the land below, which prompted the Black Dragon to rip through the already widening hole of the ship, his nature making him immune to his own Acid Fog. Razeil Kashar and Sig Ollivander prepared for Aksalič to come to them, for they obviously had no escape, save a magical one by either of them. Backing them into a corner, the Black Dragon was impressed by Sig’s gall, who had not only offered him treasure in the past, but bypassed his magical resilience, and even managed to survive his physical assault. Realizing neither of them would survive another assault, Sig attempted to Teleport Raziel and himself back to Corneria, only to have Aksalič crush his body, as if the Dragon knew exactly what the wizard was doing despite his level of concentration. With Sig now unconscious, it was Raziel who took them away from the ship, and into the courtroom of Viktor within Corneria.

At this time, the Planar Raider had landed at the city level of Slingham, allowing Thad and Zaden to escape on foot. However, Zach was trapped within the captain’s quarters when Aksalič fell through the floor of the level he was on, via a combination of acid and his own weight. Knowing he would not last long, Zach quickly tumbled through the confined space and around the dragon, eventually directed the Planar Raider to fly straight into the sun. Back in Corneria, Viktor assisted Raziel and Sig by healing the wizard and offering a spare weapon to the Githzerai before returning the both of them to Slingham, eventually rejoining their other party members, who were assisting the Slingham army against the remaining Githyanki, who appeared to be retreating upon seeing their lead vessel taken out. They fought till sundown to clear the city, and were celebrated as heroes through the night.

The next day, the party spoke with Felix and Ulrich, who explained that with the death of their king and the invasion of the Githyanki, the kingdom of Slingham was in disarray. This certainly postponed all future actions in regards to their war with Corneria (and as an ally to Farmonia), but it did not end it. The party made sure to point out a new discussion should be opened up given that they assisted Slingham in its time of need, but the two generals pressed that the time for negotiations would come after they had settled matters in their own kingdom (which they wished the party to stay out of). In the meantime, Felix and Ulrich wished to reward the party for their assistance, and managed to salvage airships from the spoils of war. They were willing to give either two Astral Skiffs, or one Astral Brig (the rest they would use to their own purposes). Eventually deciding on the Astral Brig, they also supplied some items to Raziel, as a means to help him with what he had lost against Aksalič.

With matters to complete and an airship now at the party’s command, they now had the trouble of moving it whilst having somewhere else to be. They were currently in the center of Slingham, and the edge of the continent close to Corneria was hundreds of miles away. They thought they could call on Bikke to command it, but after a Sending he simply said he found a better offer (which he did not elaborate upon). As a means to not split the party, Bubba the White Dragon offered to command the ship towards Corneria (though he was quite annoyed upon hearing he would likely not get rewarded for the matter). With this settled, they returned to Corneria and Viktor, who explained new developments to them: whilst the Iron Giant fought against the bulk of the Dragon Riders, Wilson’s Point was attacked once more, and would have likely been sacked were it not for Johnathan Multanious and his act of desperation. In order to fight back against the army, he revealed himself to be infected with Lycanthropy (Werebear), and had spread his bite amongst the forces. Viktor had only received this information now because of the subsequent investigation and imprisonment of Johnathan.

The party was flabbergasted by this action, especially knowing that Johnathan was a reliable Paladin to Heironeous, and that Werebears were inherently good in nature. This did not change the matter in Viktor’s mind, however, for Lycanthropy was disease with devastating consequences, and spreading it was a crime against the kingdom, no matter the rank of who was afflicted with it. As such, Johnathan would remain imprisoned until he was cured (or as the party saw it, till Viktor became desperate enough to let him assist the kingdom).

In addition, word had reached Viktor via Sending that Elan Gwaren was under attack in Corellon’s Shield by the Randians (the clan of Gray Elves Sig was once associated with). It was believed the Randians were working with Farmonia, as a means to benefit themselves in the long run. The party asked how stressful the situation was with him, and it was really unknown, given the only contact they had at this time was through Sending. Knowing that they had much to do to make right in the world, the party asked what they should do. Viktor again explained that whatever their goals were was up to them, but Viktor’s concern was Corneria, and his allies in Elfland were currently in trouble. Knowing this, the party begrudgingly Teleported to Elfland.

Within Corellon’s Shield, it appeared as if everything were fine within the city, as if there were no such attack at all. Upon arriving at Elan Gwaren’s castle, however, guards prevented them from entering, saying that the king was no longer seeing visitors that day. They introduced themselves, and claimed that the king was in danger. After hearing this, the head guard (who appeared to be a simple elven mercenary) whispered to another who claimed to go and speak with the king, though Thad managed to overhear him speak how their ploy had been discovered. Zach took the opportunity to grapple down the head guard, who alerted the guards within the castle to close the gates, right before Sig blasted the rest of the guards with him via Fireball.

Right after this, however, the party was blasted with two Fireballs from the sky, one of which blasted apart many of Zaden’s magical equipment. While they didn’t observe the sky closely enough, they assumed their attackers were invisible, which prompted Raziel to cast Invisibility Purge. This didn’t reveal any invisible targets within range, however, and the magical assault continued. They were able to punch through the portcullis’s with ease, and even managed to scare one one of the two manticore’s within the courtyard before it animated the columns within (the other manticore was slain by a fireball from Sig).

Zaden and Raziel eventually went through the interior of the castle wall which surrounded the courtyard, while Thad and Zach went through it towards rooms where other Randian’s were resting. On Zaden’s side, two wizards struck him with Lightning Bolts, while on Raziel’s he discovered it was trapped, and after dodging a scythe dripping with poison, the ceiling closed off the entrance he came through.



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