How U Mine 4 Fish?

The Confrontation with Dravo Madaras Part 3

A Leader of a House Falls

The Wraiths continued to close in, getting all the louder with the arrival of the two Dread Wraiths which controlled them, who could only be seen by Razeil Kashar (via true seeing), and Zacharaia (physically upon the Ethereal Plane via plane shift) because they were traveling underneath the surface. Those without the ability to see them were taken aware, but eventually devised a tactic to strike at the Dread Wraiths when they struck in response, so that their speed wouldn’t get the better of them.

On the Ethereal Plane, Zach quickly dispatched the female Drider ghost, who claimed she would be back before she dispersed into nothingness. Zach then focused his attacks on the Dread Wraiths, who revealed they were capable of touching everything around them in one fell swoop, even while under the ground. The summoned Bralani Eladrin, Xavier Marcellus and Roondar Spooney Smith took great damage from this attack, but managed to get in attacks of their own against the Dread Wraith.

Soon after, Dravo Madaras himself showed up (visible only to Raziel), flying through the air and prepared for battle. Deciding it was time, Raziel cast sunbeam and began to attack the Dread Wraiths and Madaras, who were susceptible to the spell. He made quick use of this by slaying one of the Dread Wraiths coming in his direction, the effects of which were immediately felt by half of the Wraiths surrounding them, who were free from the control of the Dread Wraith that created them. The other Dread Wraith was slain soon after by Zach, and the army of Wraiths dispersed across the land.

Madaras kept his distance from the altars until he was struck one of the beams from Raziel, setting upon Luvais Ziegler with two successive castings of vampiric touch, draining more health than normal due to Dravo’s ability to strike weak-points. With Xavier, Sig Ollivander and Thad closing in to assist, Luvais cast dimensional lock, disabling Dravo’s blink and his offensive capability, and then his ability to escape was taken away via a casting of black tentacles by Sig.

To assist Dravo, Malta Goya then arrived from Melmond, and he was met by Roondar and some Bralani Eladrin. Malta immediately went invisible, and set upon Roondar with his blades, almost slaying him on the spot. Meanwhile, Marcus Longbottoms did his duty by slaying what Wraiths he could, restoring the vigor of Xavier and coming in to assist Roondar against the invisible assassin.

Soon enough, one of the Githyanki Astral Brigs arrived overhead, a huge Red Dragon in tow, and Dravo managed to escape from the hold of the black tentacles. Before Dravo could fly up to meet his allies, however, Striker struck with a searing light, destroying the body of Dravo, with everything else dropping into the writing mass of tentacles below. Malta Goya immediately retreated upon seeing this (a fact noted but not stopped by Raziel), while the Githyanki gave a single barrage (along with the Dragon sending the Bralani Eladrin back to their plane) before retreating back through the gate they came from. Over Melmond the other Astral Brig crashed into the city below, seemingly overcome by a combination of the city guard, troops from Corneria, and mercenaries hired by Raziel.

Knowing that Zach needed some means to return to the Material Plane, Raziel told Zach to wait for him as he plane shifted himself, arriving in the sea between Corneria and Melmond. With a searing light shot into the sky from both their perspective directions, they both began the many days travel it would take to get to each other (Zach slaying rogue Wraiths along the way if seen).

Taking stock of Dravo’s belongings and with the assistance of Garland Madaras and his ability to cast Analyze Dweomer, they quickly discovered that Dravo’s phylactery was a giant ruby in the shape of a teardrop upon a golden chain. Before Thad gladly took the task of destroying the phylactery, Garland asked if any of them would mind if he could take the shards of the ruby for a keepsake, believing he could repair the stone. Agreeing, Thad smashed the ruby teardrop, and a shrill scream could be heard slowly falling away as black smoke rose from the shards of the stone.

With the phylactery destroyed and Dravo officially killed, Garland claimed it was now time to pay up on his side of the bargain, and give those he promised (Jaynus, Macronian, Silas/Calintz, Zacharaia, and Zaden Holdstein) the Book of Everlasting Divine. With none of those party members present, however, Dravo said they should simply return to Melmond and celebrate their victory in the now, because the long taint of the succession of Dravo’s was over.

The next day, they party discussed what they should do with Zach and Raziel traveling to each other in the Ethereal, when Garland received a sending from Bikke, who was told to start discussing with Striker. It turned out he managed to get himself a magic device to use sending at will, and while in Berrick’s Expedition his crew were slain by Yuan-Ti, and he wasn’t sure about the fate of the rest of the city, because he was currently swimming in the ocean. Striker told him to swim towards land near or towards Corneria, and they would figure something out.



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