How U Mine 4 Fish?

Recuperation after the Assault

And a new heart has joined with the Holy

The party was taken to the surface, where they were well guarded (especially Zach, whose new Drider form was even more fearsome in appearance than his original). Taken to hospital tents where 100’s were being tended to for their attack in the sewers, their wounds were tended to by what healers were present. Even Striker was among the limited staff, and his arms were drenched with blood.

The next day, Jaynus and Mac were both handed letters from Belladonna (both already opened by St. Cuthbert’s clergy). In a discussion the party had, it was revealed by Mac that Belladonna sought the child he sired with a Water Mephit many months ago, and if she did not receive it or some other reward for what she gave him (his people, love, and magic), she would continue to slay everything around him. Jaynus’s was a twisted love letter, and revealed he had already sired a child with Belladonna, if though it hadn’t been 9 months (yet she wrote as if it had). During their discussions, Johnathon walked in an kneeled before Zach, thanking him for his bravery. He then explained he knew zach was of good heart, and the church found his condition as a Drider unjust. Johnathan then offered membership to his church, not only to strengthen it, but to protect him from Lolth (they are opposed gods). Zach took up Johnathan on his offer the next taday, and changed his alignment to LG via Atonement.

Zaden walked the city in search of fights when he came across one of Bikke’s men arguing with natives, saying he tricked them out of money. Retorting that he was just a better play, Zaden intimidated the crowd, frightening not only the simple folk, but the hardened pirate in the process. Also, Jaynus sought out a merchant who would be willing to buy his cursed axe (not telling them it’s cursed), finding one who was amazed Jaynus was willing to sell such a magnificent well to him…one which he knew he couldn’t afford. Jaynus haggled a bit, seeing who would be willing and capable of buying such a weapon, but eventually left with the weapon instead of selling.

Deciding on contacting Belladonna, they found Randall Thay who would cast Sending to speak with her. Having the idea to offer Yondalla’s Mercy in lieu of giving the child over, Belladonna responded immediately, saying she would not come alone as Mac had requested. Not liking the idea of that, Mac refused to respond back, and more talk was had on what they could give Belladonna to have her leave the populace alone. The idea of giving Silas over to her came up, for he was away with duties in the city. Talk even turned to forcing or capturing Silas if he refused such a plan, but Zach and Marria fought against the idea, who could not and would not allow their companion to be used for any such gain.

Randall noticed Zach had joined the church of Heironeous, and told him that he should seek out a book he found many years ago, and was guarded within the churches library. Saying that he should steal it, for the church would not let anyone unworthy to read a single word, Marria objected to the idea when Zach got to thinking of doing it. Later that night, Zach cast Fly and went ot the church, where Marria was waiting for him. Saying that he would watch over him and make sure he didn’t do anything silly, they sneaked in through a window and went to the church, where they eventually found a secret door behind a bookshelf being patrolled by attendants. Marria distracted him while Zach went inside, finding the book and an Archon name Alexia guarding it. Saying that he was a new convert to her ideals, she required Zach take on a Quest in order to take the book: stalemate the war between the drow and the elves. Upon taking the book, he discovered it was the Book of Exalted Deeds, the most holy of scriptures, and when he left no one of the church tried to stop him: they simply nodded at him and smiled.

After more consulting with Randall the next day and seeing more of Bikke’s men, the party came across a man made entirely of metal looking for Jaynus. presenting himself, the creature ordered Jaynus to kneel and receive punishment from Wee Jas. Kneeling, the creature placed a Quest upon him: seek Maggie out, and make it known he and she are through with each other. After placing the Quest, the creature walked off.



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